Journal Publications / Preprints

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PDF: PDF (3.4M)
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Available on arXiv. Preprint: PDF (877K)
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Open Access, downloadable here or here (PDF, 0.8M)
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Available on arXiv:1708.00632. Preprint: PDF (0.7M)
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Preprint: PDF (1.4M)
Supplementary material: PDF (0.5M)
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Preprint: PDF (1.7M)
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Preprint: PDF (1.7M)
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Preprint: PDF (1.1M). Also available at arXiv:1312.6697.
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Preprint: PDF (228K). Also available at arXiv:1305.4379.
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Preprint: PDF (3.5M)
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Preprint: PDF (340K)
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(Special issue: Convection, magnetoconvection and dynamo theory.)
Preprint: PDF (3.7M)
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Preprint: PDF (1.8M)
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Article: PDF (584K). Also available at arXiv:1108.1984v1.
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Preprint: PDF (2.4M)
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Preprint: PDF (205K). Article: here.
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(Special issue: 'Visions of the future for the Royal Society's 350th anniversary year')
Preprint: PDF (563K)
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Preprint: PDF (1.8M)
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Preprint: PDF (500K)
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Preprint: PDF (1.3M)
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(Special issue: `Instabilities across the scales').
Preprint: PDF (1.5M)
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doi: 10.1137/06067794X. Preprint: PDF (383K)
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Preprint: Gzipped postscript (940K) or PDF (1.1M)
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Preprint: Gzipped postscript (290K) or PDF (348K)
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Preprint: Gzipped postscript (507K) or PDF (1.2M)
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Preprint: PDF
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Preprint (with an old title): PDF.
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Preprint: PDF.
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Preprint: PDF.
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Preprint (with an old title): PDF.
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Preprint: PDF.
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1. J.H.P. Dawes, Stable quasiperiodic solutions in the Hopf bifurcation with D4 x T2 symmetry. Physics Letters A 262, 158-165 (1999).
Preprint: PDF.

Conference Proceedings (refereed)

T.L. Tsai and J.H.P. Dawes, Dynamics near a periodically-forced robust heteroclinic cycle. Proceedings of Equadiff 07, TU Vienna. Preprint.

T.L. Tsai and J.H.P. Dawes, Dynamics near a periodically forced robust heteroclinic cycle. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 286, 012057 (2011)
Preprint: PDF (2.2M)

T. Putelat, J.R. Willis and J.H.P. Dawes, Reverberation d'onde et frottement. Proceedings of the XX Congres Francais de Mecanique (CFM2011), Besancon, France, 28 August - 2 September 2011.

Other Publications

J.H.P. Dawes, Comment on `The effect of rotation on the Rayleigh-Benard stability threshold' by A. Prosperetti Phys. Fluids 24:114101 (2012). Phys. Fluids 25, 059101 (2013)
Preprint: PDF (153K)

Book Reviews:
J.H.P. Dawes, Review of Pattern Formation: An Introduction to Methods by Rebecca Hoyle. CUP, 2006. J. Fluid Mech. 571, 506-507 (2007)
PDF (41K)

J.H.P. Dawes, Review of Patterns and Interfaces in Dissipative Dynamics by L. M. Pismen. Springer, 2006. J. Fluid Mech. 584, 473-474 (2007)
PDF (49K)


T.L. Tsai. PhD Thesis: Robust Heteroclinic Cycles and Frequency Locking (17.8M)
University of Cambridge, April 2009.

Later versions of papers submitted or in preparation may appear here from time to time...