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Both of the weekly lectures take place before the Thursday tutorial, which is from 11.15 to 12.05 in 4E 3.40/44.

Problem sheets and solutions

Week 1. ODEs 1,2: Sheet 1 on the classification of ODEs, the method of separation of variables and the solution of first order linear equations. Solutions

Week 2. ODEs 3,4: Sheet 2 on the solution of linear constant-coefficient equations. Homogeneous ODEs. Start of Inhomogeneous ODEs. Solutions

Week 3. ODEs 5: Final section on the solution of Inhomogeneous ODEs.
              Sheet 2 (supplementary) on the solution of more advanced equations. These are optional with more difficult questions than will be tested by the exams. Solutions
              Matrices: Sheet 1 on terminology, notation, classification, multiplication and compatibility. Solutions

Week 4. Matrices: Sheet 2 on determinants, Cramer's rule, their geometric interpretation and Gaussian Elimination. Solutions

Week 5. Matrices: Sheet 3 on eigenvalues and the solution of linear ODE systems. Solutions
              Laplace Transforms Sheet 0. This will be given out before next week's first lecture on LTs! Solutions covered in that lecture.

Week 6. Laplace Transforms: Sheet 1 Definitions. Examples, unit impulse, derivatives, solution of some ODEs. Solutions

Week 7. Laplace Transforms: Sheet 2 Shift theorems, the unit step function, convolution. Solutions

Week 8. Numerical Mathematics: Sheet on root-finding using ad hoc and Newton-Raphson iteration. Includes convergence analyses. Solutions

Week 9. Fourier Series: Sheet Solutions

Easter break for two weeks.

Week 10. Least Squares: Sheet   Solutions (text)   Solutions (figures)   Ounces/grams data for Q2

Week 11. No lectures.