MA10192 Mathematics 1

Course information


Roger Moser
Office: 4W 4.16


Mon13:155W 2.3
Tue13:155W 2.3
Tue18:153WN 2.1

Due to a scheduling mistake, no recording is available of the 6:15 lecture of 31 October. However, a scan of the notes made during the lecture can be found here.

Revision week

No lectures are scheduled in revision week, but I am available for any questions on the 8th and 9th of January at 1:15pm – 2:05pm in room 4W 4.16. You may contact me at any other time as well.

Course description/syllabus

Click here for more information about this course from the unit catalogue.


Lecture notes

Here are the lecture notes for this course. This is a revised version with some misprints corrected.


Hard copies of the homework assignments will be available in the Monday lectures. Alternatively, you can download the problem sheets below. Solutions will be available for download after the hand-in date.
Exercise Sheet 1 Solutions 1
Exercise Sheet 2 Solutions 2
Exercise Sheet 3 Solutions 3
Exercise Sheet 4 Solutions 4
Exercise Sheet 5 Solutions 5
Exercise Sheet 6 Solutions 6
Exercise Sheet 7 Solutions 7
Exercise Sheet 8 Solutions 8
Exercise Sheet 9 Solutions 9
Exercise Sheet 10 Solutions 10
Exercise Sheet 11 Solutions 11

Please hand in your work by the deadline stated, bringing it to one of the lectures. Please display your BUCS ID (the first part of your university e-mail address) clearly at the top of your work, as this will allow you to find it more easily when collecting your feedback.

You may collect your feedback from the pigeonhole labelled MA10192 in 4W, level 1 (opposite the lifts). It will be sorted alphabetically by your BUCS ID and will normally be available from Tuesday in the week after the hand-in date. Your feedback on Exercise Sheet 11 may be collected from Tuesday in the revision week.

Class test

You can now download the questions and the solutions of the class test. This is not part of the assessment for this unit.


The course does not follow a specific textbook. The following is further reading material and includes exercises with solutions.