Academic Publications:

  • Fast three dimensional r-adaptive mesh redistribution
    P.A. Browne, C.J.Budd, C. Piccolo and M.J.P. Cullen, (2013)
  • The effect of numerical model error on data assimilation
    S.E. Jenkins, C.J.Budd, M.A. Freitag, N.D. Smith (2013)
  • Monge-Ampere based moving mesh methods for numerical weather prediction, with applications to the Eady Problem
    C.J.Budd, M.J.P. Cullen, and E.J. Walsh (2012)
  • The origin of power-law emergent scaling in large binary networks
    D.P. Almond, C.J. Budd, M.A. Freitag, G.W. Hunt, N.J. McCullen, N.D. Smith (2012)
  • Multi-layered folding with voids
    T.J. Dodwell, M.A. Peletier, C.J. Budd and G.W. Hunt (2012)
  • Self-similar voiding solutions of a single-layered model of folding rocks
    T.J. Dodwell, M.A. Peletier, C.J. Budd and G.W. Hunt (2011)
  • Resolution of sharp fronts in the presence of model error in variational data assimilation
    M.A. Freitag, N.K. Nichols and C.J. Budd (2011)
  • A fast method for solving binary programming problems using first order derivatives, with specific application to topology optimization with buckling constraints
    P. A. Browne, Prof. C. Budd, Prof. N. I. M. Gould, Dr H. A. Kim and Dr J. A. Scott (2011)
  • On self-similar blow-up in evolution equations of Monge-Ampere type: a view from reaction-diffusion theory
    C.J.Budd and V.A. Galaktionov, (2010)

  • Breathers in a pinned mechanical lattice
    S.C. Green, C.J.Budd and G.W. Hunt, (2010)
  • Regularization techniques for ill-posed inverse problems in data assimilation
    C.J.Budd, M.A.Freitag and N.K.Nichols, (2010)
  • Emergent behaviour in large electrical networks
    D.P. Almond, C.J.Budd and N.J. McCullen, (2010)
  • The dynamics of a simplified pin-ball machine
    S.R. Pring and C.J.Budd, (2010)
  • How to adaptively resolve evolutionary singularities in differential equations with symmetry
    C.J.Budd and J.F. Williams, (2009)
  • Adaptivity with moving grids
    C.J.Budd, W-Z Huang and R.D. Russell, (2009)
  • Spatial chaos, breathers and phonobreathers in a pinned mechanical lattice
    S. Green, C.J.Budd and G.W. Hunt, (2009)
  • Bifurcations in Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems
    M di Bernardo, C.J.Budd, A. R. Champneys, P. Kowalczyk, A. Nordmark, G. Tost and P. Piiroinen, (2008)
  • The robustness of the emergent scaling property of random RC network models of complex materials
    N.J. McCullen, D.P. Almond, C.J.Budd and G.W. Hunt, (2008)
  • The dynamics of regularised maps with gaps, with applications to impacting and related systems
    S.R. Pring and C.J.Budd, (2008)
  • Moving mesh generation using the Parabolic Monge-Ampere equation
    C.J.Budd and J.F. Williams, (2008)
  • Image-model coupling: a simple information theoretic perspective for image sequences
    N.D. Smith, C.N. Mitchell and C.J.Budd, (2008)
  • Image-model coupling: application to an ionospheric storm
    N.D. Smith, C.N. Mitchell and C.J.Budd, (2008)
  • A comparison of models and methods for the one dimensional microwave heating of foodstuffs
    C.J.Budd and A. Hill, (2007)
  • Experimental and analytic studies of the microwave heating of cuboid moist foodstuffs
    C.J.Budd and A. Hill, (2007)
  • Level set modelling for the parallel folding of layered structures: comparisons with experiment
    J. Boon, C.J.Budd and G.W. Hunt, (2007)
  • Smooth boundary based optimisation using a fixed grid
    C.S. Edwards, H.A. Kim and C. J. Budd (2007)
  • An evaluative study on ESO and SIMP for optimising a cantilever tie-beam
    C. S. Edwards, H. A. Kim and C. J. Budd (2006)
  • Level set methods for the displacement of layered materials
    J.A. Boon, C.J.Budd and G.W. Hunt (2006)
  • A mechanical realisation of a symplectic numerical method with large step size
    S. C. Green, C.J.Budd and G.W. Hunt (2006)
  • Corner bifurcations in non-smoothly forced impact oscillators
    C.J.Budd and P.T. Piiroinen (2006)
  • Bifurcations in Nonsmooth dynamical systems: Review article
    M. di Bernardo, C.J.Budd, A.R. Champneys, P. Kowalczyk, A.B. Nordmark, G. Olivar, P.T. Piiroinen (2005)
  • Parabolic Monge-Ampere methods for blow-up problems in several spatial dimensions.
    C.J.Budd and JF Williams (2005)
  • Localised periodic patterns for the non-symmetric generalized Swift-Hohenberg equation
    C.J.Budd and R.A. Kuske (2005)
  • From nonlinear PDEs to singular ODEs.
    C.J.Budd, O. Koch and E. Weinmuller (2004)
  • Computation of self-similar profiles for the nonlinear Schrodinger equation
    C.J.Budd, O. Koch and E. Weinmuller (2004)
  • Serial parallel folding with friction: a primitive model using cubic B-splines.
    G.W.Hunt, R. Edmunds and C.J.Budd (2004)
  • Multi-bump solutions of the Complex Ginsburg-Landau equation.
    C.J.Budd, V. Rottschaeffer and J. F. Williams (2004)
  • Precise calculations of chemotactic collapse using moving mesh methods.
    C.J.Budd, R. Carretero and R.D.Russell (2003)
  • Generalisations of the Levi-Civita/ Kustaanheimo-Steifel regularisation: scaling invariance.
    S. Blanes and C.J.Budd, (2003)
  • Explicit, adaptive, symplectic (EASY) integrators using scale-invariant regularisations and canonical transformations.
    S. Blanes and C.J.Budd, (2002)
  • Parallel folding of rock layers.
    C.J.Budd, R. Edmunds and G. W. Hunt, Proc. Roy. Soc. (2002)
  • Self-similar blow-up in higher-order semilinear parabolic equations.
    C.J.Budd, J.F. Williams and V.A. Galaktionov (2002)
  • Bifurcations of periodic solutions satisfying the zero-Hamiltonian constraint in fourth order differential equations.
    R.E.Beardmore, M.A. Peletier, C.J. Budd and M.A. Wadee (2002)
  • Mesh selection for a nearly singular boundary value problem.
    C.J.Budd, H. Huang and R.D.Russell (2001)
  • Symmetry adapted moving mesh schemes for the nonlinear Schrodinger equation.
    C.J. Budd and V. Dorodnitsyn (2001)
  • Unified derivation of normal form maps for grazing bifurcations in n-dimensional piecewise-smooth dynamical systems
    M. di Bernardo, C.J. Budd and A.R. Champneys (2000)
  • Grazing and Border-Collision in Piecewise-smooth Systems: A Unified Analytical Framework
    M. di Bernardo, C.J. Budd and A.R. Champneys (2000)
  • Cellular buckling of structures close to Maxwell load
    C.J. Budd, R. Kuske and G.W. Hunt (2000)
  • Geometric integration and its applications
    C.J. Budd and M.D. Piggott (2000)
  • Asymptotics of new blow-up self-similar solutions of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation
    C.J. Budd (2000)
  • The geometric integration of scale invariant ordinary and partial differential equations
    C.J. Budd and M.D. Piggott (2000)
  • Bogdanov-Takens bifurcation points and \v{S}il'nikov homoclinicity in a simple power system model of voltage collapse
    C.J. Budd and J.P. Wilson (1999)
  • Numerical and analytical estimates of existence regions for semi-linear elliptic equations with critical Sobolev exponents in cuboid and cylindrical domains
    C.J. Budd and A.R. Humphries (1999)
  • Scaling invariance and adaptivity.
    C.J. Budd, B. Leimkuhler and M. Piggott (1999) Book on Integration on Manifolds ed S. Norsett.
  • Geometric integration: Numerical solution of differential equations on manifolds.
    C.J. Budd and A. Iserles (1998) Introduction to Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. special edition on Integration on Manifolds.
  • New self-similar solutions of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation and their numerical computation.
    C.J.Budd, S. Chen and R. Russell (1999)
  • Trip wire detection for landmines
    C.J.Budd and J.Stockie (1998) Proceedings of the 1998 PIMS workshop with industry.
  • Self-similar fold evolution under prescribed end-shortening
    C.J. Budd, G.W. Hunt and M.A. Peletier (1998), to appear in J. Mathematical Geology.
  • Efficient implementation of Volterra filters for de-interlacing TV images
    C.J. Budd, J. Gravesen and R.E. Wilson (1998) Submitted to Proc. ESGI98
  • The safety implications of the micro-wave cooking of foodstuffs
    C.J. Budd, (1998) Submitted to TPAC News
  • Proceedings of the 1997 European Study Group with Industry
    C.J. Budd editor, (1998).
  • Grazing, skipping and sliding: analysis of the non-smooth dynamics of the DC/DC buck converter
    Mario di Bernardo, Chris Budd and Alan Champneys (1998).
  • An asymptotic and numerical description of blow-up in quasilinear parabolic equations
    C.J. Budd, G.J. Collins and V.A. Galaktionov, to appear in J. Computational and Applied Mathematics, (1998).
  • Self-similar numerical solutions of the porus medium equation using moving mesh methods
    C.J. Budd, G.J. Collins, W.Z. Huang and R.D. Russell, to appear in Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. (1998).
  • Symmetry based numerical methods for partial differential equations
    C.J. Budd and G.J. Collins. In Proc. 1997 Dundee Conference in Numerical Analysis, (1997)
  • Analytical and experimental investigation of an impact oscillator
    M. Oestreich, N. Hinrichs, K. Popp and C.J. Budd. In Proc. of DETC'97, ASME Design Engineering Conference, (1997)
  • The finite element approximation of semilinear elliptic PDEs in the cube
    C.J. Budd, A.R. Humphries and A.J. Wathen, (1997)
  • Focusing blow-up for quasilinear parabolic equations
    C.J. Budd, V.A. Galaktionov and J. Chen, (1997), to appear in Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinb.
  • Stability and spectra of blow-up in problems with quasi-linear gradient diffusivity
    Chris Budd and Victor Galaktionov, (1997), to appear in Proc Roy Soc. Lond. A
  • An invariant moving mesh scheme for the nonlinear diffusion equation
    C.J. Budd and G. Collins, (1996), to appear in Applied Numerical Mathematics.
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