Welcome to the webpage for ITT8. This webpage will be updated throughout the week to include presentations given by Industrial Partners, Academics and Students; as well as the information handbook and other relevant information. We hope you enjoy the week!


Dates: Monday 11th June - Friday 15th June
Location: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI), 16-18 Queen Square, Bath BA1 2HN. View on Map
Partners: UoB Biology and Biochemistry Dept., the Office of National Statistics, Centro para el Desarrollo de la Investigacion Cientifica (CEDIC), and the Government of Paraguay.


Presentations given throughout the week are available here; colour co-ordinated by the person who gave them.
Green - Biology and Biochemistry talk
Blue - Office of National Statistics talk
Purple - CEDIC/Paraguayan Ministry of Planning talk
Red - Academic talk
Orange - SAMBa Student talk

View talks from:


Ed Feil and Dick James - MRSA transmission trees
Susanne Gebhard - Self-Healing Concrete
Nick Priest - Experimental Evolution
Alex Noyvirt - Physical Fitness
Jose Molinas - Determining Recipients of Benefits in Paraguay
Tim Rogers and Chris Guiver - Epidemics and Control Theory
Julian Faraway - Causality


Volkan Cevik - Plant Pathogens
Antonieta Rojas - Vector-bourne diseases, Part 1: Vector Population Reduction and Part 2: Vector Population Control
Jazz Grimsley - Geographical Model for Loneliness


Lizhi - Pathogens: Data Extraction
Kevin - Paraguay: Learning with Images
Tom F - Self Healing Concrete: Growth Models
Andrea & Anna - Loneliness: Connectivity of Networks
Allen - Loneliness: Identifying Risk
Will - Vector Control: Population Models
Yyanis - Evolutionary Biology: Image and Geometric Modelling
John - SNP: Probabilistic Models
Carlos - Vector Infestations: Population Models
Malena - Strava: Data


Teo & Barry: Paraguay - Social Targeting
Allen: Loneliness
Yyanis & Cameron: Evolutionary Biology & Geometric Modelling
Shaunagh & Will: Vector Infestation & Control
Carlos & Amelie: Mosquito Containers - Population Models
Emma: SNiPs - Probabilistic Models
Tom: Self-Healing Concrete - Growth Models, with simulation
Lizhi & Stefano: Pathogens - Data Reduction
Lizzi & Malena: Strava