Integrative Think Tank 9

ITT9 - Thunder and Lighting: challenges in environmental risk and advanced imaging

Welcome to the webpage for ITT9, titled "Thunder and Lighting: challenges in environmental risk and advanced imaging". This webpage will be updated throughout the week to include presentations given by industrial partners, academics and students.

Key Information

Dates: Monday 28 January - Friday 1 February
Location: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, BA1 2HN
Industrial Partners: Willis Towers Watson and Diamond


Events after this ITT
A digital copy of the ITT9 booklet which gives more information and summarises what is going to happen on each day.

Challenge descripions from Willis Towers Watson can be found here.
Data sources are listed here.

Challenge descripions from Diamond can be found here.

ITT relevant resources can be found on the SLS webpage.


The presentations from each day are listed below.

Colour code:

Green: Willis Towers Watson Presentation
Brown: Diamond Presentation
Red: Academic Presentation
Purple: SAMBa Student Presentation

Monday 28th January

Morning Session
Jon Gascoigne - Catastrophe modelling and re/insurance pricing: here, and this is a related paper
Daniil Kazantsev - Data processing I: objects tracking challenge: here
Paul Quinn - Data sampling: how to sample better: here
Chris Au - Forecast-based Financing for natural hazards (new): here
Afternoon Session
Tom Smith and Aoibheann Brady - Environmental statistics: here
Matthias Ehrhardt - Regularisation of inverse problems: here
Matt Nunes - Time series (new): here

Tuesday 29th January

Morning Session
Paul Quinn - Data processing II: objects tracking challenge: here
Daniil Kazantsev - Imaging challenges at Diamond: here
Daniil Kazantsev - Dynamic Imaging, Tomographic reconstruction, object recognition, classification, tracking...: here and a poster
Jacqueline Wharton - Parametric insurance and volcanic risk: here
Sam Phibbs - Assessing the risk of hypothetical windstorms: here
Ramses Mena - Hurricanes and statistics: here and a video

Wednesday 30th January

Morning Session
Eileen - Physical Model of Lahars: here
Gianluca - Changepoint detection: here
Allen - Assigning probability to hypothetical hurricanes: here
Aoibheann - Drought modelling: here
Zsofi - Hurricane Path Modelling by Biased Sampling: here
Margaret - Additive Manufacturing: Denoising and Particle Tracking: here
Marco - Early drought detection: an optimal stopping approach: here
Jordan - Image Alignment / Reconstruction: here
Tom - Adaptive Sampling for Imaging: here
Thomas - Parametric Models for Volcanic Risk: here
Laura - Challenges for ice cream: here
Jason - Physical and Numerical Analysis for Hurricanes: here
Tosin - Risk Measures for Catastrophe: here

Friday 1st February

Morning Session
Margaret - Additive Manufacturing: Denoising and Particle Tracking: here
Jordan - De-jittering & Reconstruction of Images: here
Malena & Tom - Adaptive Sampling for Imaging: here
Aoibheann, Eleanor, Elizabeth - Drought modelling: here
Josh & Laura - Microstructural ice-cream melting/freezing processes: here
Zsofi - When do Hurricanes Hit New York?: here
Thomas - Creating a Risk Map for Loss due to Volcanic Eruptions: here
Afternoon Session
Ben & Marco - Optimal Stopping for Drought Detection: here
Eileen - Physical Models of Lahars: here
Simone - Physical and Numerical Analysis of Hurricanes: here
Tosin - Risk Measures for Catastrophe Insurance: here
Allen & Tom - Hypothetical Windstorms: here
Dan - Pre-emptive disaster action using Bayesian online change point detection: here