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Chris, Josh and Monty. Josh is in the red coat and I am the one with the green hat.

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Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
University of Bath
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United Kingdom

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Here is my Curriculum Vitae

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Articles for the general public about maths
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Research Interests

I am interested in the theory, application and computation of nonlinear problems (linear problems are for cissies) with special interest in problems which arise in industry. I also have a very strong interest in interdisciplinary projects closely linked to applications ranging from geology to micro-wave cooking and from digestion to folk dancing.
I am keen to take on PhD students in any of these areas. They can join my fabulous group of PhD students all involved in research in industrial maths and/or environmental sciences.

Current PhD Projects

Current/recent PDRA Research Projects

Knowledge Exchange:

I belive strongly in the power of knowledge exchange centred around mathematics. Mathematics is both the enabler of advances in other disciplines and industry, it has also much to learn from the the challenges that working in these areas brings. (For an account of my views on this see my Gresham lectures> on 'Mathematics and the making of the modern world.

Education and Public Engagement Interests:


I have a passionate interest in promoting mathematics to the general public, especially to young people. I love giving talks about maths to any audience and have appeared at many science festivals including New Scientist Live (above) and the Heidelberg Luareate Forum.

Please get in touch if you would like me to give you a talk.

I am happy to give FREE talks to all ages on many subjects related to the importance and relevance of mathematics to real life.

For examples of talks see my 24 Gresham lectures on the theme of 'Maths and the making of the modern world' (which will be coming out as a series of books) and also fun presentations for the general public .

More details of my activites in maths education and public engagement are given below


My philosophy for teaching is simple. Be aware of (and enjoy) you audience and be hugely enthusiastic about your subject. Anyone that says that teaching and research don't go together is talking rubbish

Current courses

Previous courses

If you are interested in getting involved in public engagement work and would like to find out more, then have a look at my talk

Some of my talks/articles/courses on maths education:

Communicating Mathematics

In 2001 I was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship NTFS and have used this to create a degree credit programme on Communicating Maths . Maths Communicators
is a description of the course and this is a National Coordinating Centre in Public Engagement Case Study . Do have a look and email me if you would like to take this course yourself. If you are interested in running such a course, then here is a Handbook on how to do it

Research talks:

These are some research talks on data assimilation, meteorology, geometric integration and mesh generation
  • Data Assimilation in Meteorology
  • Discrete variational derivative methods with applications to PDEs
  • Optimal transport methods for mesh generation with applications to meteorology
  • Introduction to the geometric integration of ODEs
  • Adaptivity, scaling and geometric integration methods for PDEs
  • Some geometric integration methods for PDEs
  • Parabolic Monge-Ampere methods for mesh generation
  • Adaptivity and symmetry for ODEs and PDEs
  • This is a talk on emergent behaviour in large electrical networks, with application to complex dielectric materials
  • Emergent scaling laws in complex dielectric materials
  • These are two talks on maths in the food industry
  • The mathematics of digestion
  • Microwave cooking: theory and experiment
  • These are two talks on non-smooth dynamics
  • Chattering and grazing in impact oscillators
  • Bouncing, sliding and switching: bifurcations in piecewise-smooth systems
  • These are three talks that give a review of piecewise-smooth dynamics and were a mini course delivered at the UK-Japan Winter School in January 2009.
  • Piecewise-smooth dynamics: I. Introduction
  • Piecewise-smooth dynamics: II. Maps
  • Piecewise-smooth dynamics: III. Hybrid systems and the grazing bifurcation.
  • And a talk on folding and geology
  • Level set methods for multilayer geological folding
  • And a talk on GPS, Complexity and the Ionosphere
  • Imaging of complex behaviour in the upper atmosphere

  • Bath Centre for Nonlinear Mechanics and the Bath Institute for Complex Systems, BICS:

    I am director of the interdisciplinary Bath Centre For Nonlinear Mechanics which encourages interdisciplinary research through the modelling and application of nonlinear systems. From 2004-2010 I was director of the Bath Institute for Complex System BICS ,an interdisciplinary institute exploring the many aspects of complex systems and their applications.

    MSC in Modern Applications of mathematics:

    I am director of the Bath Msc course in Modern Applications of Mathematics which aims to give a training in modern interdisciplinary applied mathematics to anyone interested in applying mathematics in their career. For further information email or look at the home page for the MSc above.

    Public talks, lectures and workshops:

    Here are a collection of some of my talks, which can be given either as stand alone lectures or as part of a workshop with extra activities. I have tried to indicate the age range for the workshops. The workshops have resource materials and worksheets attached. PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND USE them for any reasonable educational purpose.

  • Maths Makes Waves A talk on waves presented at the British Science Festival.
  • Maths and the making of the modern world A talk about the way that maths has made the modern world possible.
  • Maths, magic and mystery(KS3 workshop) and worksheets. A workshop about mathematical magic together with lots of examples of magic tricks and the maths behind them
  • Inspiring Maths Inspiring maths teaching, a CPD workshop for teachers of secondary school maths.
  • The maths of Google and the IPod (KS3 workshop) and worksheets. A talk about the maths involved in CDs, the IPod and Google, including binary, error correction, data compression and the Page Rank Algorithm.
  • 75 Years of Radar a talk for all ages, originally presented to the British Science Festival to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the invention of Radar(July 2010)
  • Maths in and out of the zoo a talk for all ages, originally presented to the Oxford Alumni showing the may ways that maths can be found in the zoo, and what happens when this exotic animal escapes into the real world (July 2010)
  • The link between Maths, Mazes and Facebook
  • Confessions of an industrial mathematician .. how to use maths from industry in the classroom (talk for teachers presented at BCME (April 2010))
  • Climate Change: Does it all add up? (Yr 12 Maths Inspiration Presentation)
  • How to amaze your friends (KS3 workshop) and worksheets. A talk about the history, maths and modern uses of mazes.
  • How to lie and get away with it (KS3 workshop) and worksheets. A talk on the mathematics of the information ages, including the maths of the iPod.
  • How maths can help in the fight against crime (KS4 workshop) and worksheets
  • Maths of castles (KS3 workshop) and worksheets
  • Dancing with maths (KS3 workshop) and worksheets
  • 101 Uses of a Quadratic Equation (KS4 workshop) and worksheet 1 , worksheet 2 , Babylonian Numbers
  • Celtic and African Knots (KS3 workshop) and worksheets , grids for the knots . A multicultural talk which shows how the artistic traditions of the Celts and Sub Saharan Africa are linked through mathematics.
  • Why does Rudolph have a shiny nose? A A maths lecture for all ages at Christmas
  • Bath Taps Into Science
  • Eat, drink and be merry with maths (Yr 12 talk)
  • e, i, pi and all that (Yr 12 talk)
  • Making sense of a complex world (KS4 talk)
  • What's the use of chaos (KS4 talk)
  • What have mathematicians done for us? a talk for all ages showing the contribution that mathematicians have made to civilisation.
  • How maths can save your life (KS3 talk)
  • How maths can change your life .. careers which use maths

  • Mathematics Galore:

    A new popular book called `50 Visions of Mathematics' will be published by OUP in 2014

    Bath Taps Into Science:

    Is an annual science road show, which I help to organise at the University of Bath and in Green Park Station in Bath as part of National Science and Engineering Week. The 2002 event won a prize from the Institute of Physics for `outstanding contributions to the public understanding of physics'. The 2009 event won the British Science Association award for the best science festival during National Science and Engineering Week. Click here for more details Bath Taps Into Science Festival If you want to have a look at Bath Taps in action here is a video .


    Posters and articles:

  • I helped to design Maths Connects poster for the London Underground about mathematical networks

    Here are some of my recent popular articles

  • Opening , Response , Final
    Three articles for the Economist debate on the importance of science and maths to the economy, C. Budd, (2012)
  • Maths makes waves
    C. Budd, (2013)
  • How to add up quickly
    C. Budd, (2013)
  • Eat, drink and be merry, making sure it's safe
    C. Budd, (2010)
  • Eat, drink and be merry, helping it all go down well
    C. Budd, (2010)
  • Confessions of an industrial mathematician
    C. Budd, (2008)
  • Crime fighting maths I
    C. Budd, (2005)
  • 101 Uses of a quadratic equation I
    C. Budd and C. Sangwin, (2004)
  • 101 uses of a quadratic equation II
    C. Budd and C. Sangwin, (2004)
  • Finding order in chaos
    C. Budd, (2003)
  • How Maths Can Make You Rich and Famous I
    C. Budd, (2003)
  • How Maths Can Make You Rich and Famous II
    C. Budd, (2003)
  • Does Nature Really Care About Rational Numbers
    A Friday Evening Discourse at the Royal Institution, C J Budd (2001)
  • Where in the world am I?
    C. Budd (2000)
  • Analemmatic Sundials: How to build one and why they work
    C. Budd and C. Sangwin (2000)
  • Maths aMazes
    C J Budd and C J Sangwin (2000)

  • Undergraduate Course Material:

    Worksheets, handouts and general information on courses can be found here
  • MA10208 Methods and Applications a
  • MA10002 Functions, differentiation and analytic geometry
  • Math0014 Numerical analysis
  • Math0060 Nonlinear systems and chaos
  • Math0101 Mathematics for electrical engineers 3
  • XX20164 Mathematical modelling and MATLAB

  • MSc Course Material:

  • MA50174 Advanced Numerical Methods Containing a MATLAB tutorial and a complete set of notes on Advanced Numerical Methods and how to use MATLAB to solve mathematical problems.

  • Facts about hamsters

    By popular demand, here are some facts about hamsters


    The following summarise my attitude to life, mathematics etc.
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