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Industrial Math's Research Group

The industrial maths research group meets weekly in Bath giving regular updates on everyones work and featuring presentations from group members and visitors.

Group Photo Professor Chris Budd
Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Bath and Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Institution of Great Britain
Dr Danielle Wain
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Water Quality Engineering in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Dr Corwin Wright
Royal Society University Research Fellow in Atmospheric Dynamics
Dr. Philippe H. Trinh
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Applied Mathematics
Hayley Wragg
SAMBa aligned PhD student working on a iCASE award project with industrial partners BT, modelling ultra-high frequency wifi.
Matthew Griffith
SAMBa aligned PhD student working on a NERC funded project with the MET office.
Kate Powers
SAMBa PhD student working with mechancial engineering modelling turbo chargers.
Kgomotso Susan Morupisi
SAMBa PhD student modeling ice ages in climate models.
Shaerdan Shataer
SAMBa PhD student researching the inverse problem in the EEG brain imaging technique.
Aaron Pimm
PhD student researching liquid crystals.
Emily Slavin
PhD student working on a NERC funded project modeling water stratification in resevoirs.
Yang Zhou
Mmath student

Talks and Posters
Shaerdan Shataer's BAMC Poster 2018: Non-linear Inverse Problem Related to Electrostatic Source Localization
Aaron Pim's Asymptotics Talk: Asymptotic Analysis.
Hayley's Poster 2018: The ray-launching method applied to ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave propagation.
Hayley's BAMC slides 2018: Propagation of signals from indoor small cells at ultra-high frequencies.
Aaron's talk: Stability and rate of convergence or resource allocation within a cellular network

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