MA50174 Advanced Numerical Methods.

Lecturer: Prof. Chris Budd

Welcome to the MA50174 home page. Congratulations on choosing to do this exciting masters course which will show you how to use modern mathematical ideas to design powerful computer algorithms which you can then use to solve a wide variety of interesting mathematical and industrial problems. I will use this page to make announcements and provide copies of handouts, problem sheets and assignments for this course. This information is in addition to the printed notes that I will distribute as part of the course. To view any document, click on the corresponding link and the sheet will eventually be loaded into a viewer. From this you can print in the usual way (that is, "File"->"Print").

Documents will only be added after they have been distributed in lectures.


The operating system that we will be using is UNIX (or its close cousin LINUX). Notes on this written by Mark Wills can be found in the following document A very helpful tutorial guide to UNIX is give in

Matlab material

You will be using Matlab a lot in this course, for the problem sheets, the assignments and for your general education. Some basic advice for using Matlab can be found in the following document written by Prof. Graham. This document is meant for the undergraduate course, but much of it is relevent for the MSc. An HTML version of this manual is given in

Course Notes


There are four assignments which each carry 20% of the total credit for the course. To see the timetable for the assignments Click here .


I welcome feedback in the form of constructive comments or criticism.

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