Quentin: Chair
Gareth: Treasurer
Roger: Secretary
Guy: Boffin
Philippa: Good nose
Steve: Aussie Fan
Ed: Old Geezer
Chris: Pinot Detector
Mark M: Auction Expert
Nick: The Collector
Georgina: Newest Recruit
Cath: Merchant Banker
George: Hairy Biker
Ed M: Biscuit Baker
Bill: Mr Beetroot
Missing Member?

Missing member?

Then please arrange to see the doctor (oh har har har!)

Yes, there are a lot of club members missing from the list; I haven't forgotten you, I am slowly adding details in my limited spare time. If you send me the following details, I'll add you (or anyone else) to the list.


A freeform description of who you are.

Wine soc history..

Any history, embarrasing moments etc. (We can/will make this up if you don't send anything...)

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