Quentin: Chair
Gareth: Treasurer
Roger: Secretary
Guy: Boffin
Philippa: Good nose
Steve: Aussie Fan
Ed: Old Geezer
Chris: Pinot Detector
Mark M: Auction Expert
Nick: The Collector
Georgina: Newest Recruit
Cath: Merchant Banker
George: Hairy Biker
Ed M: Biscuit Baker
Bill: Mr Beetroot
Missing Member?

Ed Kay (The Venerable One)


Wine soc history..

Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a wine society without Ed. No-one currently alive can remember this time though, so we can only imagine (whilst searching for fossil remains..). Renowned amongst the newer members for the acerbity of his comments, Ed is also revered throughout the society because of the depth of his knowledge of Italian wine. Odd grapes, small regions no-one has ever heard of, Ed expects you to guess them all when tasting Italian wine blind.


Contact Details

Name: Edmundo Kay

Email : No details yet

Homepage: You must be joking!


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