Quentin: Chair
Gareth: Treasurer
Roger: Secretary
Guy: Boffin
Philippa: Good nose
Steve: Aussie Fan
Ed: Old Geezer
Chris: Pinot Detector
Mark M: Auction Expert
Nick: The Collector
Georgina: Newest Recruit
Cath: Merchant Banker
George: Hairy Biker
Ed M: Biscuit Baker
Bill: Mr Beetroot
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Roger Jardine (Webmaster) responsible for this site.


Due to my deep understanding of physical chemistry it was somehow inevitable that I would become the "IT guru" for the club. Or perhaps it's something to do with the fact that I now work with computers all day... Either way, all the blame or the glory is mine! If you want to send contructive comments about the website, please feel free to send me an email.

Wine soc history..

Back in the mists of time (i.e. 1995) I arrived at Bath as a young hopeful postgraduate, looking forward to 3 years of exciting chemistry research. Whilst wandering around the various clubs and societies stalls at those introductory affairs that new students go to, I was taken with the idea of the student wine society, it seemed to have an air of sophistication and, because I had only tasted Mateus Rose and Blue Nun up to that point, I was curious about the secret world of fine wines. A year or so later and I was Chair of the society, and though it was hard work sometimes, I enjoyed the range and quality of the tastings we arranged in that year (mostly thanks to the guidance of Nick Stevens, then a wine soc veteran). Though I did finally finish my Ph.D, I have not yet managed to escape the clutches of beautiful Bath, and now work in the Computing Services at the University. I still attend the student tastings at Bath fairly regularly and go to many of the Vintage Club outings. My favourite styles of wine are mature, medium-weight reds; Gran-Reserva Rioja's and fine Clarets being the most readily available examples, and my preferred style of Champagne is best represented by Krug, in case you're thinking of buying me a pressie...(though of course I will drink anything, as demonstrated by someone who brought a bottle of Concorde to a recent tasting...)


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