Quentin: Chair
Gareth: Treasurer
Roger: Secretary
Guy: Boffin
Philippa: Good nose
Steve: Aussie Fan
Ed: Old Geezer
Chris: Pinot Detector
Mark M: Auction Expert
Nick: The Collector
Georgina: Newest Recruit
Cath: Merchant Banker
George: Hairy Biker
Ed M: Biscuit Baker
Bill: Mr Beetroot
Missing Member?

Guy (Boffin)


Wine soc history:

Guy first joined the University Wine Society in 1988. He maintains that this was actually before Ed[*]. He also remembers the Chair of the Society at that time referring to German white wine as "nothing but piss" (which is not true, e.g. see our Mosel tasting).

Guy says his most memorable tasting was the "Old and Classic" tasting, held in the Old Senior Common Room Card Room in 1987, where some spectacular wines were exhibited, including a 1962 Bordeaux. He remembers Mark Masento being there, but not much else (..often a sign of a great tasting).

After a year in Cambridge, where he was a member of their sadly inferior Wine Society, he returned to Bath as a postgraduate. During the period 1989 until the middle of the decade he was an active member of the University Society holding most Committee positions and often doing Italian or New Zealand tastings (much to the disapproval of Ed-Why didn't you bring 10 Barolos?-Kay). During the latter half of the decade he moved to Bristol University as a Faculty member in Mathematics but still maintains contact with the Vintage Club. (He'll never leave now...)

Guy remembers when The Vintage Club appeared in "The Times". Among other blatant errors, "they referred to my then girlfriend, Philippa, as my wife. It gave our parents a shock!" Perhaps it was an omen, as it's now true, Guy and Pip are indeed husband and wife.

Memorable Outbursts:

Announcing to anyone who'd listen that the red wine in his glass was clearly a "Cabernet Blanc"

Favourite Position:

Guy was Chair/Secretary of the VC from 2000-2002


Contact Details

Name: Prof Guy Nason



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[*] and thus would be the oldest member of the University Club in the Vintage Club (but Ed looks much older of course :)