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Steve (Chair)

Steve is our resident Oz Clarke. Not only does he look more than a little similar, he knows his stuff, particularly when it comes to Australian wines. His generosity through the years has enabled the Wine Society and the Vintage Club to taste a vast quantity of great Aussie wines, including the fabled Grange.

Wine soc history

First, the bag. Steve has never been seen without his bag...


New members often wonder if Steve has brought his washing with him, older members know better than to question. What we do know about the bag is that it carries wine...

A lot of wine. At an average tasting, people will bring a bottle each, or perhaps one nice bottle between two. Steve always brings a minimum of two, (and not cheap ones either). He often brings more. I'm sure I remember him bringing six to one tasting! When we go to a BYO restaurant Steve has more wine in his bag than the restaurant stocks, it seems to take on a tardis-like quality. I think I remember him reaching in and whipping out a copy of Hugh Johnson's World Atlas of Wine once, as though it were normal practice to have one to hand at all times. Well, enough has been said about 'the bag' just know that it contains wine and many, many wine related items.

Some people are famous for having the last laugh. Steve is famous for having the last red. Steve likes his reds so big, full and in-your-face massive, that in blind tastings there's almost no need for the usual deliberations about which position to put the wine in, as Steve's reds will always be last. Even those who might be tempted to put their Amarone or similar last, will have second thoughts...

Memorable outbursts

"I've not tried this yet, but it's one of my favourite wines!"

Contact Details

Name: Dr Steve 'Oz' Mills

Homepage: none (but you could try here)


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