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Gareth (Treasurer)


Wine soc history..

Well, how could we start a section on Gareth without mentioning the 'elderberry' wine incident?? I wasn't there, and I can find no record of the notorious event, but despite this the story has entered Vintage Club folklore (to Gareth's annoyance/bemusement..). Anyway, just so the legend can be passed on, allow me to set the scene...

The sun was shining, the conversation pleasant, just as at many a Vintage Club tasting. At such tastings we try and take something a little special along, perhaps a little more expensive if you have the money, perhaps not, but always something that you've taken just that little bit more time and effort in choosing...
I'm sure the usual array of delicious wines were enjoyed before Gareth produced his offering. I believe the prevailing reaction was one of utter disbelief, as Gareth poured the offending liquid into people's glasses. The braver members actually went as far as to taste it, but they quickly regretted their bravado.
More disturbingly, Gareth then attempted to persuade our good members to use their highly-tuned senses and skills to identify the 'wine', before quickly revealing that it was in fact home-made elderberry wine.
The shock still reverberates around the society to this day. Gareth has never been allowed to forget this horrendous incident, and if you haven't mentioned it to him (or even if you have) be sure to pass on your disgust.

P.S. I have used a smidgeon of artistic licence in the above interpretation of events, if anyone (except Gareth) would like to offer a more accurate first-hand description, I will glady update the pages.

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Currently Treasurer and loving it!

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Name: Gareth Barker