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Olympiad Maths Club (Bath and environs)

The Bath Olympiad Maths Club 2016 will now reconvene. In the period before Christmas, they will be held in in the Chancellor's Building of the University of Bath on alternate Mondays. Note that we have the rooms booked from 4:15, so if you arrive early and the room is occupied, you have every right to go in and point out to intruders that the room is booked. The normal running time of the club will be 5:00 -- 6.15. (The time has been moved 15 minutes later to faciliate travel after school to the University of bath).

The schedule is:

Monday Oct 3     CB 3.7
Monday Oct 17    CB 3.11
Monday Oct 31    CB 3.10
Monday Nov 14    CB 3.10
Monday Nov 28    CB 3.10
Monday Dec 12    CB 3.10
This is problem sheet 1 and problem sheet 2. Here are problem sheet 1 solutions and problem sheet 2 solutions.

We now work on problem sheet 3 and solutions. Also supplementary problems and their solutions .

Here is the current problem sheet 4. It consists of old BMO1 problems from the easier end of the papers. BMO1 2016 will be sat on December 2nd.

I don't want to persuade anyone to get my new book on false pretences. Therefore if you are not confident of getting a high score on BMO1, then you are probably not ready for A Mathematical Olympiad Companion which is for BMO2 preparation, and is now (just out!) available from UKMT publications. Here is the Art of Problem Solving/Mathlinks problems repository.

My NEW mobile number is 07949493412 and my office phone number is below.

Contact Information:

Dr Geoff Smith MBE                     Email:
Department of Mathematical Sciences    Tel:   +44 (0)1225 386182 (direct)
University of Bath                     Fax:   +44 (0)1225 386492
Bath BA2 7AY                           Room:  4W2.16
England                                UKMT vice chair,
                                       BMO  chair,
                                       IMO  Advisory Board chair and 
                                       EGMO Advisory Board member.