October 2019:

  • Another Chemical Communications paper with the Hill group on Calcium Stannyl Formation by Organostannane Dehydrogenation is now available. Check it out online here.

June 2019:

  • A lovely way to end June for us - Claire, Nasir and Jem have published in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry a computational C-H activation study on Ru(II) catalysts in acetonitrile. Check it out online here.

May 2019:

  • A very busy month for publications - three new articles from the McMullin group are now online;

    C-H activation under kinetic and thermodynamic control with Rh and Ir catalysts

    J. Am. Chem. Soc.

    Diborane heterolysis with an outer SN2 mechanism: adding imines to [Mg](nBuBpin2)

    Chem. Sci.

    C-H activation under kinetic and thermodynamic control with Ru catalysts

    Faraday Discuss.

April 2019:

  • Claire has a new role in the Department of Chemistry - she is Year 1 Director of Studies.

January 2019:

  • First publication of the year, a joint University of Bath project with Simon Lewis, Petra Cameron and Tony James. The paper is on pentafluorosulfanyl substituted azulene molecules, is published by the New Journal of Chemistry, and available here.

October 2018:

  • A big welcome to Nasir, who joins us here in Bath, having previously worked alongside Claire at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh as a PhD student for Stuart Macgregor. Nasir will be working on our EPSRC grant with both the Hill and Cresswell groups at Bath, looking into Nucleophilic Alkaline Earth Boryls.

August 2018:

  • A new paper in collaboration with the Hill group is available online in Organometallics.

November 2017:

July 2017:

June 2017:

October 2016:

  • Claire has gone on maternity leave.

July 2016:

  • A new C-H activation paper using a Ru catalyst has been published, collaborating with the Frost and Williams groups here at Bath, check it out here.

September 2015:

  • Claire has started her new role as Computational Chemistry Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath.

June 2015

  • Claire and Dave Johnson attended OMCOS 18 (Organometallic Chemistry directed towards Organic Synthesis) in Sitges-Barcelona. Claire was selected from 160 abstracts to present her work on Ru(II)-direct arylation in front of the over 800 strong audience.


  • The group headed over to the University of Strathclyde for ScotCHEM 2015. Claire presented her recent research on the mechanism of Ru(II) direct arylation.

April 2015

  • Claire, Dave J., Tobi, Nick, Emma and Vera travelled to the Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Discussion group at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology. Claire gave her talk on kinetic modelling of C-I activation with a Ru(II) hydride-phosphine complex:

March 2015

  • Stuart, Claire and Vera travelled to ICIQ in Tarragona, Spain, for the EU-cost action meeting on small molecule activation. Claire gave a talk in the computational interest group on kinetic modelling of C-I activation with a Ru(II) hydride-phosphine complex from work that Dave McKay did in collaboration with Vlad Grushin. Here are two photos taken during her presentation:


January 2015

  • On Friday 23rd January the C-H Activationers (Stuart, Claire and Kevin) headed to the University of Leicester for a one-day symposium on catalytic C-H functionalization. Our team helped organise the event with our collaborators at the University of Leicester, which was attended by 90 chemists from academia and industry. Stuart also presented some of our collaboration's most recent results. Photos from the event can be seen here.

July 2014

  • Claire and Stuart Macgregor headed to the University of Rennes for the second international symposium on C-H activation (ISCHA), where they met up with their collaborators from Leicester; Dai, Barbara and Charlie.


April 2014

  • The Macgregor group headed en masse to Warwick for the Dalton Special Interest Meeting. Both Dave M. and Claire gave presentations of their recent work.

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