Asel Sartbaeva

Royal Society University Research Fellow

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I am a Royal Society University Research Fellow in Chemistry at the University of Bath. I received my MSc degree at the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University in 1999, and MPhil and PhD degrees at the University of Cambridge in 2002 and 2005. I worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Physics in ASU from 2005 till 2007. In 2007, I was awarded a Samuel and Violet Glasstone Fellowship, and have moved to the Department of Chemistry in Oxford. I was awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 2010, which I took up in January 2011 on returning from the maternity leave. In 2012, I moved to the University of Bath to start my own research group. I now have an active group with multiple PhD and masters students, and 1 post doctoral researcher working with me on projects related to functional materials. We focus on synthesis of functional porous materials, encapsulation of nanomaterials, thermal stability of biological substances and surface chemistry.

Research Interests

Porous materials
Zeolites, zeolite-like materials, silicas, MOFs and ZIFs.

Framework flexibility
Flexibility and soft-modes, structure dynamics, flexibility window, compression mechanisms.

High Pressure Behaviour of Zeolites
Understanding the compression behaviour of zeolite frameworks.

Nanomaterials and frameworks
Reactive nanomaterials in flexible frameworks

Use of silica for thermal stability of biopharmaceuticals
Use of amorphous silica to make vaccines, antibodies, drugs etc. thermally stable at room temperature


Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic Univeristy
Master of Sceince

University of Cambridge
Department of Earth Sciences
MPhil in Mineral Physics

University of Cambridge
Department of Earth Sciences
PhD in Mineral Physics

University of Oxford
MA, Linacre College

FHEA (Fellow)
Higher Education Academy, York, UK

Invited and Keynote Talks

1st Nigeria International Zeolite Conference, Abudja, Nigeria, Keynote talk "Zeolite Science: Prediction, modeling and characterization" (December, 2014)

Solve for <X> by GoogleX. I was 1 of 4 academics worldwide invited to speak at the Africa Solve for <X> conference, Nairobi, Kenya. Invited talk `Thermal stability of vaccines' (June 2014)

Solve for <X> by GoogleX. I was 1 of 18 academics worldwide invited to speak at this 3rd Solve for <X> conference, California, USA. Invited talk `Thermal stability of vaccines' (February 2014) ​

Joint Indonesia-UK Symposium in Inorganic Chemistry organized by the Royal Society of Chemistry, Bandung, Indonesia. Invited talk `Flexibility window in zeolites' (December 2013 ) ​

Joint Malaysia-UK Symposium in Chemistry organized by the Royal Society of Chemistry, Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia. Invited talk `Flexible frameworks and future solid state catalysts' (December 2013) ​

1st KACST-Oxford Petrochemical Forum, Oxford University, UK, `Framework flexibility and rational design of new zeolites for catalysis' (July, 2011) ​

Oxford Future Energy, Oxford, UK, `Zeolites in the energy economy' (June 2010)

Conference Organisation

"British Zeolite Association", a 2-day annual conference, (86 participants), Bath, 2016. This is an annual conference which brings together people working in the area of porous materials, including zeolites, zeolite-like materials, MOFs, AlPOs, and many other. Discussion focus on on all aspects of porous materials, structure, characterisation, properties and applications. Website for BZA is here. ​

"Pores for Thought: Porous materials for energy and environment", a 4-day workshop for ECRs from Indonesia and the UK, (40 participants) Bali, Indonesia, 2015. We aim of this workshop was building links between UK and Indonesian Porous Materials communities and development of key skills for early career researchers. This workshop was organized with funding from the British Council Researcher Link and support from RSC. ​

NTU-Bath "Common themes in Chemistry", a 1-day symposium with colleagues from NTU (Singapore) and Bath (20 participants), Bath, 2014. The aim of this symposium was to promote and build new links between academics from NTU and University of Bath. It was organised with help from the Internalization Team at Bath and the Faculty of Science.