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About me

PhD Research

My main interests are in analysis and calculus of variations.
Specifically, my research focuses on the critical points and minimisers of functionals involving the L-infinity norm of the curvature of geometric objects. For example, we could consider the curvature of curves in Riemannian manifolds with prescribed length and boundary data (minimisers are known as "infinity-elastica"), or the mean curvature of surfaces immersed in R^3 ("infinity-Willmore surfaces").
My PhD supervisor is Professor Roger Moser.

Academic Background

I graduated from Durham University in June 2020 with a first class Master's degree in Mathematics. I specialised in geometry and analysis modules; my Master's thesis was on Curve Shortening Flow and can be found here. If you spot any typos, please don't tell me!
I am currently a PhD student in the maths department at the University of Bath, having started in September 2020.


More information on my teaching can be found in the tutorials section of my website.


  • Ed Gallagher & Roger Moser (2022), The infinity-elastica problem on a Riemannian manifold. [arXiv].


  • Gallagher, R. E.; Aslett, L. J. M.; Steinsaltz, D. & Christ, R. R. (2019), Improved Concentration Bounds for Gaussian Quadratic Forms. [arXiv].
    This work came from a summer research project I did in 2018.

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Personal Information

Full Name:
Mr Robert E D Gallagher ("Ed Gallagher")

University of Bath

Mathematical Sciences

Program of Study:
PhD Research Programme in Mathematics

Previous Education:
MMath Mathematics (First Class);
Durham University, St Aidan's College, Department of Mathematical Sciences

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Email Address: redg22 "AT" bath.ac.uk

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Office: 6W 1.27

Local co-ordinates:
Mr Ed Gallagher
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
University of Bath
United Kingdom