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Students from my tutorial groups are welcome to email me at any time with questions/comments about the tutorials, the course, or anything in general. I will do my best to respond speedily but cannot guarantee an instant reply, especially at unusual hours e.g. during evenings or weekends. While I am happy to try and answer any questions about maths not related to the modules I teach, I can't promise that I'll be able to help!

Current Tutorials

Nothing until term starts again!

Past Tutorials

2021/2022:   Analysis 2A & 2B, two tutorial groups
2020/2021:   Analysis 1A & 1B, two tutorial groups and a revision lecture

Useful Resources

  • How to Solve It, a brilliant book by mathematician George PĆ³lya which details a systematic approach to solving maths problems.
  • Past exam papers, which should be used as part of your revision in conjunction with problem sheets and lecture notes (both of which are available on moodle).
  • Three different channels on YouTube, which cover undergrad-level maths in a rigorous but very easy to understand manner.