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PSS (Postgraduate Seminar Series)

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The Postgraduate Seminar Series is a series of talks given by postgraduate students in the maths department to postgraduate students in the maths department.
The topics of talks vary significantly; often (but not always) students talk about something connected to their own research or interests, such as what they are working on for their PhD, a topic they focused on during their undergrad, or an area of maths they specialise in.

As well as an opportunity to learn about interesting areas of maths via accessible talks, the seminars are a good way to get to know other postgrads in the department and are an opportunity to gain presenting experience in a relaxed, friendly environment. Free food is also provided.

For the 2021/2022 academic year, I am co-organising PSS along with Sebastian Scott.
If you are interested in giving a talk, feel free to contact either of us.

Time and Location

PSS takes place on Thursdays at 10:15 am in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre (4W 1.7).

Upcoming Talks

PSS will return in Semester 2!

Past Talks

16/12/21: 🎄 Christmas PSS 🎅

09/12/21: Pawel Rudnicki
Reinforced random walks

02/12/21: Jenny Power
Caustics in Geometrical Optics

25/11/21: James Doran
Developing multi-scale mathematical models of infectious disease

18/11/21: Carmen Van-de-L'Isle
Skorokhod embeddings and where to find them

11/11/21: Piotr Morawiecki
Do engineers need mathematicians and their spherical cows? 🐮

04/11/21: Cameron Smith
Some thoughts on the c-word

28/10/21: Allen Hart
Solving PDEs with random neural networks

21/10/21: Kat Phillips
Lubrication layer driven droplet impacts

14/10/21: Seb Scott
I can see clearly now the (inverted) noise is gone

07/10/21: Ed Gallagher
Searching for the least curvy curve: the infinity-elastica problem on a Riemannian manifold

Here is a spreadsheet listing all the previous PSS talks (since 2012!)