Christian Jones

Like the Greatest Showman, 'This is Me'
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Mr Christian Jones
Dept of Mathematical Sciences
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Integrated PhD Statistical Applied Mathematics
+44 1225 388388
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Mr Christian Jones
Dept of Mathematical Sciences
University of Bath
United Kingdom
Ifton Band with Michael Portillo.


Welcome to my (sparsely structured) website! If you want to know about me, this is the place! I am originally from a town called Flint in North Wales, but I've lived in Bath on and off for the past five years. My undergraduate degree was a MMath at the University of Bath, and I am currently a member of Cohort 8 at SAMBa. My mathematical interests are in fluid dynamics and quantum mechanics.

When I'm not solving equations, I can be found playing video games (Mario Golf is a current favourite), or I can be found playing tuba with Bath Spa Band. With a previous band, I performed a video over lockdown, and I even made it onto TV! (See picture).

Current Units

During my MRes year, I am taking the following units:

Semester 1

Semester 2