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Geoff Smith

University of Bath

My latest book a Mathematical Olympiad Companion available through the charity UKMT. It is a preparation book for the final round of a national mathematical olympiad, and uses past BMO2 problems as the basis of its material.

MA10209 Algebra 1 The course page is the Dear Algebra Diary.
In Memoriam Dan Schwarz

On the three diagonals of a cyclic quadrilateral published in The Journal of Geometry August 2014, Volume 105, Issue 2, pp 307-312.

I put this up in Dan's Memory for EGMO 2016, a competition which he helped to launch, and which he loved deeply.

In July 2016 the Mathematical Gazette will publish my article explains how to write down equations of circles using barycentric co-ordinates. Here is a very short paper which generalizes the classical Simson line of Euclidean Geometry so that is becomes a theorem of projective geometry. It is A Projective Simson Line, and the diagram on page 2 says it all.

I have written and edited some books which you must purchase otherwise you will contract a horrible disfiguring disease (see picture). The most widely used in universities, especially by the students of MA10209, is the steamy Introductory Mathematics: Algebra and Analysis which is aimed at people making the transition from school mathematics to university-style pure mathematics.

Here is an extensive collection of geometry articles by the late Christopher Bradley.

Maths Competitions

Here is advice for young mathematicians concerning secondary school maths competitions, and directions to past problems archives.

Here is a trailer the dramatic comedy film X + Y, a love story set in the context of the IMO. In the trailer you may be able to spot real IMO personalities Andrew Carlotti, Joseph Myers and Lee Zhao amongst the actors. It went on general release in the UK on March 13 2015. Here is the IMDb database entry for X+Y. Eddie Marsan plays the UK IMO team leader.

Here is a local Olympiad Maths Club which is hosted by the University of Bath and UKMT during term time.

Past maths competition reports, including facetious and implausible leaders' diaries.

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