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I'm using moodle for almost everything now, see moodle.bath.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=56065

Other resources

Graph Theory
Reinhard Diestel
Springer Graduate Texts in Mathematics
Way back in 2006 I learnt graph theory from this book. It is more dense and covers slightly different material than I will do in the lectures, but you may still find it useful, particularly for the first half of the course. It can be read online for free.
The Structure and Function of Complex Networks
(Campus or VPN connection needed to access journal)
Mark Newman
SIAM Review, 45(2), 167-256.
This is a famous review article with a lot of information about the properties of real-world networks and mathematical models. Section 3 in particular may be very useful for the coursework.
Exploring complex networks
(Campus or VPN connection needed to access journal)
Steven Strogatz
Nature 410, 268-276
Only nine pages - definitely worth reading!