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We have a lively research environment that includes the Analysis and Differential Equations, Asymptotics, Operators and Functionals, and Control Theory seminars. These are often complemented by conferences, workshops, and other lectures; watch the calendar on the right for upcoming events.

In addition, there are events organised by the Centre for Nonlinear Mechanics and the Probability Laboratory, both of which offer events related to our research areas.

Analysis and Differential Equations Seminar

Our group's main seminar takes place on Thursdays at 3:30pm in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre (4W 1.7). For more information, including the programme, visit the seminar webpage.

Asymptotics, Operators and Functionals

We meet on Mondays at 4:15–6:15pm in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre (4W 1.7). We aim to discuss the latest results and techniques in the asymptotic analysis of operators, differential equations and functionals, as well as its applications to mechanics, materials and wave propagation. The talk will usually focus on one or two aspects of a problem of current interest, and is meant to form the basis for an informal discussion during and after the talk.

Here is the programme.

Control Theory Seminar

The members of the Analysis Group with an interest in Control Theory meet Thursdays 12:15-13:05 in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre (4W 1.7). The programme for this Bath Mathematical Control Theory Seminar can be found here as a pdf file.

Postgraduate Mathemathematical Analysis Seminar

The PGR Analysis Seminar is a student run seminar series on mathematical analysis. We focus on giving students the opportunity to talk about a topic of interest in an informal and friendly atmosphere. It takes place once a fortnight on Mondays at 14:15pm, in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre (4 West, 1.7). The programme for the seminar can be found here.