Mathematical analysis PG-MA

Postgraduate Mathemathematical Analysis Seminar

The PGR Analysis Seminar is a student run seminar series on mathematical analysis. We focus on giving students the opportunity to talk about a topic of interest in mathematical analysis in an informal and friendly atmosphere. It takes place once a fortnight on Mondays at 14:15pm, in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre (4 West, 1.7). The programme for the seminar can be found below.

The analysis group at the University of Bath meets weekly to discuss a wide range of topics. These include operator theory, control theory and PDEs, among many others. More details can be found in this website.

List of speakers for second semester (2017/18)

5th of February

Speaker: Pablo Vinuesa.

Title: Pseudo-differential operators on R^n.

Abstract: As a first approach, a pseudo-differential operator can be seen as the generalisation of Fourier multiplier operators. Its "symbol" will depend in the frequency variable and the spatial variable. In contrast a Fourier multiplier only depends on the frequency variable. These symbols can be classified into classes, which are usually called Hormander classes. During this talk I will introduce these operators and discuss the classes of symbols. Some important properties will also be proved.

19th of February

Speaker: Owen Pembery.

Title: An Introduction to Bochner Spaces

Abstract: If you've ever considered the solution of a time-dependent PDE, or a stochastic PDE, you've probably been looking at an element of a Bochner space. These are generalisations of $L^p$ spaces, where we consider functions that take values in a Banach space. In this talk I'll give an overview of Bochner spaces and explain some of their uses, properties, and idiosyncrasies.

5th of March

Speaker: Xavier Pellet.

19th of March

Speaker: Serena D'Onofrio.

16th of April

Speaker: James Roberts.

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