Usage Manual for the EXTMOS software stack

Welcome to the manual for the EXTMOS software stack

Our manual encompasses three main sections:

  • Installation of the SimStack Server and Client: Install Manual
  • Usage of the specific software packages and workflows: OLED Manual
  • Webinars about usecases of our software and their installation: Webinars

If you are a completely new user, we invite you to watch our webinar on the calculation of a mobility of an organic thin-film: Organic Thin-film Mobility.


The EXTMOS project's aim is to reduce the time to market of:

  • multilayer organic light emitting devices (OLEDs) with predictable efficiencies and long lifetimes.

  • organic thin film transistors and circuits with fast operation.

Reduce production costs of organic devices. Development costs and times will be lowered by identifying dopants that provide good device performance, reducing the number of dopant molecules that need to be synthesized and the materials required for trial devices. Reduce design costs at circuit level through an integrated model linking molecular design to circuit operation.

To read more about our project, please visit the main EXTMOS website.

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