Online Tutorial

This section will give you an overview of four exciting usecases using the EXTMOS software stack in the form of webinars. During the course of this online tutorial, you will be able to generate initial microscopic parameters, deposit a mesoscale CG morphology and map it back to a full atomistic representation, calculate the energetic disorder of a thin-film morphology, generate a charge-carrier resolved trajectory in your film using KMC and finally simulate a multi-layer device using drift-diffusion.

While you can watch all these webinars one after the other, the modules themselves are completely independent, so you can start by reviewing the webinar, which interests you the most.


Computation of energy disorder in organic semiconductors

Large-scale, long-range, fast electrostatic kMC simulations of charge transport.

Meso-scale Coarse-Grained simulations

Simulation of multilayer devices and circuits using TCAD

Linking microscopic charge carrier simulations to Drift Diffusion Models (TCAD)

Deposition of an amorphous thin-film

Update - Deposition of an amorphous thin-film

Computation of surface potentials in organic thin films

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