RSC Solid State Chemistry Group
Annual Christmas Meeting
University of Bath 2013

Provisional Programme

All lecture sessions and the AGM will take place in 3WN2.1 (see maps)
Poster session and exhibitors will be in 1S.

Wednesday 18th December

12.00-13.30 Registration
The registration desk will be open in Chemistry Building 1S from 12:00. Delegates may also put up their posters here from 12:00. For delegates arriving by public transport Chemistry is most easily accessible from the bus stop at the top of Bathwick Hill but can also be reached with a 5-10 minute walk from the main bus terminal Note that the conference lecture theatre 3WN 2.1 is approximately 5 minutes' walk from Chemistry. Any delegates not registering by 13:30 may pick up their conference packs from outside 3WN ( outside the lecture theatre) from ~ 13:40. Note that no lunch is included but delegates may wish to use the campus cafes and shops (map).

Session 1. Chair - Saiful Islam.

13.30 Plenary 1 - Tony West, Sheffield. RSC John Goodenough Prize Winner.
"Oxygen in oxides: some unexpected phenomena."
14.10 Darren Hodgeman, Liverpool.
"New 16 layered perovskite with ordered oxygen vacancies, a potential cathode in SOFC."
14.25Dragos Neagu, St Andrews.
"Tailoring in situ growth of nanoparticles towards applications."
14.40Luke Sperrin, Cambridge.
"Lowering the operating temperature of SOFCs: Protonic conductors and the role of local structure on understanding ionic conductivity."
14.55 Refreshment break. Tea and coffee provided.

Session 2. Chair - TBC.

15.25Plenary 2 - Christian Masquelier, Picardie.
"Title TBC."
16.05John Clark, Bath.
"Atomic-Scale Insights into High Voltage Pyrophosphate Materials for Lithium and Sodium Batteries."
16.20Ricardo Grau-Crespo, Reading.
"Understanding the cathode reaction in Li-air batteries: lithium and oxygen adsorption at the beta-MnO2(110) surface."
16.35Jennifer Kennedy, Glasgow.
"Facile Microwave Synthesis of p-block Carbides."

17.00Solid State Group AGM (3WN2.1)
17.00Posters, Exhibitors Stands and Drinks (Chemistry Department 1S see maps)
19.00Coaches to Hilton Hotel.
20.00Conference Dinner, Hilton Hotel

Thursday 19th December

Session 3. Chair - TBC.

09.00Invited 1 - Robert Palgrave, UCL.
"Designing Visible Light Photocatalysts."
09.30Invited 2 - Chris Knee, University of Technology, Gothenburg.
"Neutron diffraction study of high pressure phase transitions in multiferroic Bi0.9La0.1FeO3."
10.00Invited 3 - Emma McCabe, Kent.
"Title TBC."
10.30Refreshment break. Tea and coffee provided.

Session 4. Chair - TBC.

11.00Plenary 3 - Graeme Watson, Dublin.
"Multiscale Modelling of Doped Ceria as an Ionic Conductor in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells."
11.40Adam Archer, Bristol.
"Radiation Damage in Ceramic Waste Forms."
11.55Annabelle Baker, Birmingham.
"Low Temperature Synthesis of Vanadium Doped Titanium Pyrophosphate with Unusual Mono-dispersed Spherical Morphology."
12.10Panagiola Pelekanaki, UCL.
"Aerobic oxidation of hydrocarbons catalysed by Mn-doped nanoporous aluminophosphate catalysts - A DFT study using hybrid and GGA functionals."
12.25R A Downie, Heriot Watt.
"Controlling the thermoelectric properties by interstitial doping in TiNiSn."
12.40Paul Saines, Oxford.
"Coupling of the Local Defect and Magnetic Structure of W├╝stite, Fe1-xO."