CARPP Doctoral and Masters theses

These theses were written as part of the
Postgraduate Programme in Action Research
Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice
University of Bath


(2011) Graham John van Tuyl: From engineer to co-creative catalyst; an inclusional and transformational journey.

(2011) David Martin Adams: When being professional means becoming myself: towards integrity and presence in practice

(2009) James Robert Traeger: An Inquiry into the Practice of Being a Good Man

(2009) Margaret Gearty: Exploring Carbon Reduction through Tales of Vision, chance and Determination: Developing Learning Histories in an Inter-organisational Context

(2009) Patta Scott-Villiers: A Question of Understanding: Hermeneutics and the play of history, distance and dialogue in development practice in East Africa

(2008) Jocelyn Jones: Ph.D. Thesis, Thinking with stories of suffering: towards a living theory of response-ability. Graduated 9th December 2008, University of Bath.

(2008) Joan Walton's: Ph.D. Thesis, Ways of Knowing: Can I find a way of knowing that satisfies my search for meaning? Graduated 9th December 2008, University of Bath.

(2007) Robert Miles Farrands: Excitement, bewilderment and emergence: exploring a life world through writing as first person inquiry.

(2007) Eden Charles: How Can I Bring Ubuntu As A Living Standard of Judgement Into The Academy? Moving Beyond Decolonisation Through Societal Reidentification And Guiltless Recognition

(2007) Chris Seeley: Wild Margins playing at work and life

(2006) Patricia Carolina Gayá Wicks: Repose: a personal and relational foundation for responding to ecological challenges

(2006) Alan George: The Aesthetic in Practice with particular reference to play and poetics

(2006) Eleanor Lohr: Love at Work: What is my Lived Experience of Love and How May I Become an Instrument of Love's Purpose?

(2005) Elizabeth Capewell: Working with Disaster: Transforming Experience into a Useful Practice

(2004) Kate Louise McArdle: In-powering spaces: a co-operative inquiry with young women in management

(2004) Susan Porter: Learning to Listen: developing a mindful and crafty facilitation practice

(2005) Judy Ryde: Exploring White Racial Identity and it's Impact on Psychotherapy and Psychotherapy Organisations

(2004) Mary Hartog: A Self Study of a Higher Education Tutor: How Can I Improve my Practice?

(2004) Kathleen King: Relational Practice in Organization Consulting 

(2004) Madeline Church: Creating an Uncompromised Place To Belong: Why do I find myself in networks?

(2003) Paul Roberts: Emerging Selves in Practice: How do I and others create my practice and how does my practice shape me and influence others?

(2003) Jacqui Scholes Rhodes: From the Inside Out: Learning to presence my aesthetic and spiritual being through the emergent form of a creative art of inquiry

(2001) David Skrbina: Participation, Organization, and Mind: Toward a Participatory Worldview

(2001) Gill Coleman: An inquiry into Gender and Business education: in pursuit of mother-consciousness

(2001) Margaret Page: Feminist Collaboration: Relationships between Women across Political, Business and Intersubjective Worlds

(2001) Rupesh Shah: Relational Praxis in Transition Towards Sustainability: Business-NGO Collaboration and Participatory Action Research

(2001) Geoff Mead: Unlatching the Gate: Realising my scholarship of living inquiry  

(2000) Agnes Bryan: Exploring the Experiences of Black Professionals in Welfare Agencies and Black Students in Social Work Education

(1998) Carlis Douglas: From Surviving to Thriving: Black Woman Managers in Britain

(1998) Diana Francis: Respect in cross-cultural conflict resolution training

(1996) David Quinlan: Towards the Re-Construction of a Clinical Psychologist and a Reflexive Body of Practice.

(1996) Janet Quinlan: Co-Creating Personal and Professional Knowledge through Peer Support and Peer Appraisal in Nursing