Past Projects

[1] A Life-cycle Autonomous Modular System for Aircraft Material State Evaluation and Restoring System, Project Coordinator, 3.1M Euros


EUROPEAN COMMISSION FP7 - Smart Cylinders for Flexographic Printing Industry, 2012, M Meo, M P Ansell, £378,1k.

[3] European Regional Development Fund - Materials for Energy Efficient Transport (MEET) - InterReg ERDF Funding, 2012, £260.6k in collaboration with Chaudhuri, J., Allsopp, D., Bowen, C., Burrows, A., Butler, R., Edler, K., Islam, S., Mays, T. & Meo, M.

[4] EPSRC-UKRCNDE- Nonlinear FE Modelling of Cracks/Damage Precursors – 2012 £120k.

[5] DSTL - Fatigue life Estimation using a Nonlinear Wave Modulation Spectroscopy Method- 2011, £49,8k.

[6] ICOMP project funded by TSB (subcontractor) from Agusta Westland, 2011, £48k.

[7] UK Research Centre In NDE, Almond, D. & Meo, M., 2011, £10k.

[8] EPSRC KTA -Nanoreinforced Solid Fibre Laminates (NSFL) for Improved Impact Resistant Properties, 2010, £49,2k.

[9] UK Research Centre In NDE Almond, D. & Meo, M., 2010 £10k.

[10] EPSRC- UK Research Centre In NDE, 2009, £304.1k in collaboration with Almond, D.

[11] GWR/Qinetiq – Damage tolerance of novel 3D composite materials, 2008, £69k with Prof. D Almond.

[12] EPSRC - Equipment For Multiple Projects: Testing And Visualization For Aerospace Research, 2008, £274.3k in collaboration with Butler, R., Almond, D., Gursul, I. & Meo, M.

[13] GWR-Watson Marlow –”Developing innovative laminate tubing structures”, 2008, £84k with Dr M Ansell.

[14] UK Research Centre In Nde Almond, D. & Meo, M., 2009 £10k.

[15] GWR/Airbus -”Damage monitoring of impacted self-healing CFRP composites” , 2006, £75.6k with Prof. D. Almond.

[16] EPSRC industrial case award-”Advanced Hybrid joint design configurations for improved performance of composite structures”, 2006, £81.1k.

[17] EPSRC industrial case award- 81.1k –”Structural Energy disipation using shape memory alloys” , 2006, £81.1k.

[18] GWR/AgustaWestland, £75k, 2006-2009, “New methods for understanding fatigue and damage tolerance of composites” with Dr R Butler.

[19] FP6- AIP4-516132- HISAC - High Speed Supersonic Aircraft PI: Meo, M., 2005, £180k.

[20] FP6-502927- AERONEWS, 2004, £350k.

[21] Alenia-University of Naples-CNR funding for two scholarships, (2001- 2004), approx. £80k.

Research Grants for previous appointment as CI approx. £1M.