Presently, I am a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the Department of Physics and Principal Investigator at the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CNAN), both at the University of Bath, UK. I am also the head of the Theoretical and Computational Physics Group at the Physics Department. After obtaining my M.Sc. in Material Engineering from Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland) in 2007 and Ph.D. in Physics from Lancaster University in 2011, I continued working at the latter as a postdoctoral researcher. I was awarded the University of Bath Prize Fellowship in 2012 and took it up at the Department of Physics of the University of Bath from March 2013 to February 2015. I have been promoted to the post of Lecturer in March 2015 and Senior Lecturer in July 2019. In June 2017, I was awarded the IoP Maxwell Medal for "the outstanding contributions to the understanding of graphene, in particular groundbreaking studies that have addressed its optical properties, lattice deformations, electronic structure, and electron transport". For more information about me, have a look at my CV.

Current members of my group:

  • Luke Soneji, PhD student (funded by the EPSRC through the University of Bath)
  • Matthew Tomlinson, PhD student (funded by CheckRisk LLP and the EPSRC through a CASE award)
  • William Luckin, PhD student (funded by the EPSRC through the Bristol/Bath CDT in Condensed Matter Physics)
  • Dylan Jones, PhD student (second supervisor; primary supervision by Adelina Ilie)

Past members of the group:

PhD students:

  • Maha Alqarni, PhD student 2017-2022 (second supervisor; primary supervision by Adelina Ilie)
  • Surani Gunasekera, PhD student 2017-2021
  • Aitor Garcia-Ruiz Fuentes, PhD student 2015-2019, moved on to a postdoc position at the National Graphene Institute, University of Manchester
  • Joshua Thompson, PhD student 2015-2019, moved on to a postdoc position at the Chalmers University of Technology
  • Damien Leech, PhD student 2014-2018, moved on to a postdoc position at the University of the West of England

Undergraduate students:

  • Conan Birkett, final-year BSc project (2021/22)
  • Sanjana Reddy, final-year BSc project (2021/22)
  • Emily Maine, Natalia Arcilla Requena, Ben Humphries, Nicolas Robinson, final-year industry team project (2021/22)
  • William Cowley, final-year BSc project (2020/21)
  • Mustafa Nawaz, final-year BSc project (2020/21)
  • Nathan Capaloff-Harris, Max Walker, Sam Nicholls, Zachary James, final-year industry team project (2020/21)
  • Budd Crooks, Isaac Flower, Richard Pugh, Calum Thompson, final-year industry team project (2019/20)
  • Samuel Murray, final-year BSc project (2019/20)
  • Joshua Adams, final-year BSc project (2019/20)
  • Rudh Pradeepkumar, final-year MPhys project (2019/20)
  • Matthew Sutcliffe, summer internship (2019)
  • Matthew Sanderson, final-year MPhys project (2018/19)
  • Alfred Keele, final-year MPhys project (2018/19)
  • William Bewley, Adam Bowes, Robert Jewsbury, Connor Laughey, Amrita Thind, final-year industry team project (2018/19)
  • Nikita Channa, University of Bath Institute for Mathematical Innovation Internship (2018), continued as undergraduate student at the Department of Physics, University of Warwick
  • Sajidah Ahmed, voluntary undergraduate research training (2017), continued as undergraduate student at the Department of Physics, University of Bath

My (past and present) collaborators (non-exhaustive list):

  • David S. L. Abergel, formerly at NORDITA, Sweden
  • Shaffique Adam, NUS, Singapore
  • Maria Carmen Asensio, CSIC, Madrid
  • Alexei Barinov, ELETTRA Synchrotron, Italy
  • Simon Bending, University of Bath, UK
  • Young Jun Chang, University of Seoul, South Korea
  • Yulin Chen, Oxford University, UK
  • Klaus Ensslin, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Vladimir I. Fal'ko, National Graphene Institute, UK
  • Felix Flicker, Cardiff University, UK
  • David Greenwood, CheckRisk LLP, UK
  • Edward McCann, Lancaster University, UK
  • Fabio Monteiro, Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil
  • Konstantin S. Novoselov, University of Manchester, UK
  • Eli Rotenberg, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
  • Henning Schomerus, Lancaster University, UK
  • Sergey Slizovskiy, National Graphene Institute, UK
  • John R. Wallbank, formerly at National Graphene Institute, UK
  • Daniel Wolverson, University of Bath, UK