Northwestern Europe Regional Contest
November 25-26 2017
Scoreboard site.

Stop Press

Ragnar Groot Koerkamp informs me that the top five teams from NWERC have been promoted to the World Finals. Congratulations to all five: We put the pro in programming; Garbage Collectors; Tractor Specialists; Ukkonen Fan Club and Me[N]tallica.

Online Contest

An online contest mirroring the real one (with a half-hour lag, so starting at 10:30 GMT on Sunday 26th November) will be run from here.

If all else fails

James Davenport's mobile is +44-780-872-xxxx where xxxx is 3*3*7*31.


Robin Lee (Chief Judge) has kindly provided

Further Developments

Josse van Dobben de Bruyn wrote in as follows.
As a fan of programming contests and a former contestant at the NWERC and ICPC World Finals, one of my hobbies is to create alternative visualisations of the scoreboards. You may find the NWERC 2017 visualisations here (score progression) and here (timeline per team).

Users are encouraged to try out various mouseover and onclick events. For instance, you can make your favourite team (score-progression) or problem (timeline-per-team) stand out by clicking on it, and the tooltips for solved problems list that team's score up to (and including) that problem.

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