Kirill Cherednichenko


  • The paper by K. Cherednichenko, W. Graham has appeared in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A. It explores a generalisation of the Leontovich boundary condition on the boundary of a frequency-dispersive medium and analyses the associated surface waves.

  • The work by K. Cherednichenko, Y. Ershova, and A. Kiselev has appeared in SIAP. It provides a new machinery to obtain exact dispersion relations for resonant composites by asymptotic analysis.

  • The next Bath-UNAM-CIMAT meeting BUC-XVIII will take place at CIMAT, Unidad Mérida on 21-22 January 2020.

  • Research seminar "Asymptotics, operators, and functionals'': Mondays at 16:15-19:15 in Wolfson Lecture Theatre 4W 1.7.

    We aim to discuss the latest results and techniques in the asymptotic analysis of operators, differential equations and functionals, as well as its applications to mechanics, materials and wave propagation. The talk will usually focus on one or two aspects of a problem of current interest, and is meant to form the basis for an informal discussion during and after the talk. All welcome.

    The next session is on 3 February.

    Seminar programme

    I am EPSRC Fellow and Reader in Mathematics

    Here is a link to my 5-year EPSRC-supported project "Mathematical foundations of metamaterials: homogenisation, dissipation and operator theory"

    I am always happy to talk to anyone looking for a PhD project. Here are some of the possible research topics. Please feel free to email me at K.Cherednichenko (at) if you are interested.

    My curriculum vitae (in PDF format)       List of my publications (in PDF format)      Brief research statement (in PDF format)
    Research interests:

  • Rigorous analysis of problems in mechanics and electromagnetism
  • Homogenisation of partial differential equations and integral functionals
  • Applications of homogenisation to the mechanics of composite materials
  • Scale interaction effects in the description of the behaviour of heterogeneous media
  • Wave propagation in solid mechanics and electromagnetism
  • Dissipative operator theory and functional models
  • Scattering theory for differential equations with inhomogeneities
  • Asymptotic methods for periodic media with rapidly oscillating properties and for high-frequency problems
  • Variational methods in the mechanics of media with a microstructure
  • Theories for the description of dislocations as agents of plastic flow

    Research group


    Reynaldo Castaneira, 2018--2019 (supported by UUKi Rutherford Fund)

    Yulia Ershova, 2016--2018

    James Roberts, Nov 2016 -- Mar 2017

    Marcus Waurick, 2015--2017 (now Chancellor's Fellow at the Unversity of Strathclyde)

    Shane Cooper, 2012--2013 (now EPSRC Research Fellow and Willmore Fellow at Durham University)

    Mikhail Cherdantsev, 2008--2010 (now Lecturer at Cardiff University)

    Komil Kuliev, 2012--2013

    Current PhD students

    William Graham (University of Bath, 2017--2021), working on waves in electromagnetic composites (member of the SAMBa CDT)

    Serena D'Onofrio (University of Bath, 2016--2020), working on new analytical techniques in homogenisation and scattering for composite media

    Aaron Pim (University of Bath, 2017--2021), working on homogenisation techniques for liquid crystals and existence theorems for associated energy functionals (Supervised jointly with Apala Majumdar and Jey Sivaloganathan)

    Former PhD students

    Matthew Lewis (Cardiff University, 2014--2018), Stability of solutions of a one-dimensional p-Laplace equation with periodic potential (Supervised jointly with Karl Michael Schmidt)

    James Evans (Cardiff University, 2012--2016): Higher-order homogenisation for Maxwell equations and on homogenisation and spectral properties of periodic thin structures with high contrast


    Mikhail Cherdantsev (Cardiff University), Patrick Dondl (Universität Freiburg), Harsha Hutridurga (IIT Bombay) Alexander Kiselev (St.Petersburg), Karsten Matthies (Bath), Sergey Naboko (St.Petersburg), Stefan Neukamm (TU Dresden), Frank Rösler (Cardiff), Luis Silva (IIMAS-UNAM, Mexico) Igor Velčić (Zagreb)

    Published articles            Submitted manuscripts             In preparation

    Employer: Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath
    Job Title: Reader in Mathematics
    Telephone: +44 1225 38 6891

    E-mail Address: K.Cherednichenko (at)

    Postal Address:
    Department of Mathematical Sciences
    University of Bath
    Claverton Down
    Bath, BA2 7AY
    United Kingdom

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    Past events:

  • BUC-XVI: 2--6 September 2019 (IIMAS-UNAM, Mexico City)

  • Conference "Operators, Operator Families and Asymptotics II": 14--17 January 2019

  • BUC-XV: 16--19 September 2018 (CIMAT, Guanajuato, Mexico)

  • BUC-XII: 12--14 March 2018 (University of Bath)

  • BUC-XI: 27 November -- 3 December 2017 (CIMAT-Mérida)

  • BUC-VII: Spring School 30 March -- 3 April 2017 (UNAM), Workshop 4 April -- 7 April 2017 (CIMAT-Mérida)

  • Conference "Operators, Operator Families and Asymptotics": 16--19 May 2016

  • LMS-Bath-WIMCS Analysis Day: 4 December 2015