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Bath Tasting - July 2006

Photos by Mark A.

The sun is out, and everyone's happy

Is that water in your glass??

Steve is well prepared with hat (and a towel??)

But G prefers to soak up the sun

Q attempts to use his glass as a lens to fry the hair on his knee

Rachel stays cool, shades on and in the shade.

a fly in the wine?

The shade is lovely

Please sir, can I have some more?

Cheryl only likes to tan the soles of her feet.

Let them eat cake. (Club's 20th birthday) What lovely candles!

In Bottelino's

looking slightly worse for wear (James...)

Where is the food, we've got alcohol to absorb!

And on to All Bar One.  Nice head!

Steve sees something scary behind the camera

Roger does his drunken peacock impression again, while Steve gives Guy the look of love