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Anka enjoying her trip

Horses think about abducting Anka

Smells like a fine Pinot Noir

A fine auction wine

Bernkastel Doctor

Mosel at Bernkastel

Bernkastel Schloss

Cheers everybody

Walking into Bernkastel

Steve coveting the vines

The Emlert tasting...

Weingut Emlert

Horses have 2nd thoughts about mass abduction

One of the many Ikea flat pack Schlosses

Rear view from Kaspari Weingut

Another view of the rear from Weingut Kaspari

Secretary in Koblenz

Pretty garden in Koblenz

Confluence of Rhein and Mosel (looks like aircraft carrier)


Steve ready for the photocall...

Mosel River

Mosel river with boat in Traben

On the boat trip

On the boat trip (don't worry, not many more)

Yup, the Mosel again

The river at Bernkastel

Traben Schloss pub, yus drinking again

Chris concentrating hard on the next wine


Ed's got it, Steve hasn't

Helga, Chris, James and The Bernkastel Doctor (James has farted I think)

Traben from the Schloss

Trarbach on the walk where we all split up and then ended up at the same place anyway

Trarbach on our legendary walk again

Trarbach again

The pretty church in Trarbach

Trarbach thru Ikea schloss

Vines on our walk