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Most days go by doing endless paperwork but every now and then something breaks the pattern and we get some good news!

Text Box: 26/September/2011

1st joint one day meeting 
An inter-University inter-departmental 
conference on evolution related studies

The meeting was a great success thanks to the many volunteers who helped out on the day, including Jaime , Lu , Wei, Gaby and Steve. Thanks to everyone else who kindly agreed to help out. 

Many thanks to our sponsors: Oxford University Press, VWR, Promega, Source Bioscience and Scienceposters who made the meeting possible!

I hope that next year’s meeting is just as successful, see you all in Bristol!

PhD degree awarded to  Lu Chen!

Congratulations to Lu Chen! He has been awarded his PhD degree after a 3 and 1/2hrs viva. Both examiners were highly praising of his Thesis. We all wish him very good luck in his postdoc in a joint project between Cambridge University and the Sanger Centre. I am really glad!

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Poster prize to Wei Wang

Congratulations to Wei for winning a poster prize at the Departmental Research Day!

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Welcome to Jimena and Atahualpa who start their PhDs this month.

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Steve’s first play at the Rondo Theatre in Bath

Many congratulations to Steve for the success of his first play:

 “With Something like sympathy” at the Rondo Theatre in Bath!


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Alternative splicing and functional innovation (REVIEW)

Very pleased for the publication of our review article on the role of alternative splicing in functional innovation


Steve is staging his second play at the Rondo Theatre

Congratulations to Steve for staging his second play at the Rondo Theatre in Bath.





Congratulations !!

To Lu and Jingwen on their marriage! I wish you a very happy life together




New student to join the lab!

Xia Bing who will be joining the group from next September. 


Welcome back Billy

I am very happy Billy has re-joined the lab for a few weeks after finishing work on his research project before he embarks on life as a graduate.


Welcome to the lab Adrian

Adrian is joining us from Spain where he is doing his degree in Biotechnology. He is keen to start working on a great but difficult project on protein evolution.

January 2013

Bath course for enhancing practice section B

Great Session B I learned a lot on ethics on teaching and research. I wish this course was offered to research fellows as well.


Spring project students

Welcome Jordan and Barnie to the group; I look forward to working with them on a great project on alternative splicing

February 2013

Good bye lunch for Adrian

We had a great time saying bye to visiting student Adrian and stuffing ourselves with a lot of chicken!


Workshop on motivating PhD students

I went to a great workshop where experienced academics shared their tricks on mentoring students.


Alexandra is joining the group!

I am really pleased that Alexandra is happy to work with us; she is an expert on brain evolution and I am very exited about working with her.

December 2012



Welcome to Alin and Bing to the group

Alin and Bing will be starting their PhDs this month.



Lu’s got a job!

Many congratulations to Lu for securing his first postdoctoral position at the Sanger Centre. It is a great opportunity and we all wish him the best.

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SMBE meeting KYOTO

Steve and I had the chance to present our work at the SMBE meeting in Kyoto Japan. Despite the disaster earlier in the year the meeting was a success and everyone had a nice time.

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Company of biologists travel grant

Well done Nina for obtaining a travel grant from the “Company of Biologists” to do your field work in Hungary and do a research visit to Hans Hoffman’s lab at the University of Texas in Austin

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Gordon conference travel grant

Well done Nina for obtaining a travel grant to present your work at the Gordon Conference in Boston!

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Meerkats bacteria and social interactions

I had the chance to host a seminar at the University of Bath by Dr Ashleigh Griffin from Oxford University

It was a fantastic autobiographical/scientific talk. I did not get to hear much about meerkats but learnt a lot about bacteria affecting CF patients.

You can learn more about her research by visiting her web page:



Scientists meet the media party!

I had a fantastic time last night at the “Scientists meet the media party” at the Royal Society. I had the chance to attend the GREAT Faraday Prize lecture given by Professor Colin Pillinger and catch up with friends still in science or jumped into science communication.


PhD graduation ceremony!

Congratulations to Lu Chen on his graduation. I really enjoyed the ceremony at the Bath Abbey.


Career development for female scientists

I really enjoyed imparting the workshop for managing careers in science for women scientists.


Complex modelling workshop

Well done Nina and Atahualpa for obtaining a place on a complex model workshop




Nina is off to Harvard with a Korner Award!

Congratulations to Nina! She has been awarded a Korner travel award and will off to Harvard University next year. Well done.


I’ll be co chairing PopGroup meeting

Pop group meeting is coming to Bath and I am delighted to be co-chair of the organising committee along side Dr Nick Priest. I hope to see you all here on January 2014!




Genetics Society Representative at Bath

I am the new University of Bath Genetics Society representative. The Society offers numerous opportunities for funding and conference attendance to PhD students and early career scientists. It also has one of the lowest fee rates.

Let me know if you wish to join and I will be happy to support your application.




Great impact workshop

I attended a great workshop on how to communicate research with impact.


New Centre for Networks and Complex Behaviour launched

After much efforts and negotiations from the three organisers the CNCB is now up and running. The launch event was a great way to find out what other network people around the university are doing and very much enjoyed being able to present our interests on gene networks and there was lots of cake!


Recruitment of new academic in evolutionary biology

I had the chance to take part on the recruitment of a new member of staff. It was an amazingly stressful experience but I had lots of support from my colleagues and have lots of respect for them as they face these decisions on a more regular bases than me.

I was very impressed by the quality of the science of all candidates which shows that Bath is very much a place to be for evolutionary biologists!


Talk at beechen cliff school

I had a great time at Beechen Cliff giving a talk. The kids were very loud but very much enjoyed the activities and extracting DNA from strawberries and bananas!


Older news

Bath course for enhancing practice section C

I have just started with section C of the Bath course . I promises to be as interesting and informative as the two previous sections


Finished  lecturing in the genetics unit

I have finished with all my teaching for the term in the Genetics unit. I know I did not make justice to the great topics in molecular genetics which are basic to all areas of the life sciences.


Masters project student arrived =)

Welcome to Claire Armstrong who will be doing her second masters project with us.




New member to join the lab!

I am pleased that Ms Alin Acuna has been awarded a full scholarship to start her PhD this September. Congratulations.

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Welcome to Adrian

Adrian has joined the lab as a Summer intern with a Royal Society Scholarship. He is visiting from Spain where he is doing his undergraduate degree.


After resisting for several years the changing times we have now moved to the use of blogging to update  on news from the Functional and Evolutionary Genomics lab.