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Hope the following links are of some use whether you are interested in contacting suitable PhD/postdoc supervisors, choosing a scripting language to learn or trying to secure funding for your studies and early career. Do let me know if you find any additional resources (email).


Going on conferences

Science posters (they can print on crease-free fabric and even design your poster!)


Some labs working on molecular evolution and genomics

Laurence Hurst, University of Bath

Brian Charlesworth, University of Edinburgh

Wen Hsiung Li, University of Chicago

David Penny, Massey University

Blair Hedges, Penn State University

Sudhir Kumar, Arizona State University

Alexey Kondrashov, University of Michigan

Kenneth Hastings, McGill University

Hiroshi Akashi, Penn State University

Laurent Duret, Universite de Lyon

Martin Lercher, Heinrich-Heine-Universitat

Csaba Pal and Balazs Papp,  Biological Research Center of the Hungarian A. of Sc.


Genomic data





Open Source Scripting languages








Royal Society

Wellcome Trust

The British Academy

Leverhulme Trust


Starting up grants and awards

Royal Society

European Research Council

Leverhulme Trust

Lister Institute of Preventative Medicine


Funding for UK/EU students

Funding at the University of Bath for postgraduate studies

Webpage with some options


Funding for overseas students


British Council

UK-China Scholarships for excellence (China)

CONACyT (Mexico)


Women in Science

L’Oreal UK women in science fellowship

Daphne Jackson Trust

Wellcome Trust Career Re-entry Fellowships

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship

Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award

FEBS Women in Science Award


The real wide world

BBC news

Channel 4 news–Snowmail

El Universal

 Dr Araxi Urrutia

Lecturer in genomics at the University of Bath