Welcome to my University of Bath profile page.
Have a look around and get to know me. Even better, contact me and we can have a chat.

Full Name: Mr Simon Brown
Department: Dept of Chemistry
Job Title: Laboratory Assistant
Int Telephone: 3297
Mobile: 07815 490 805
E-mail: sb2697@bath.ac.uk

Mr Simon Brown
1 South 0.58
Dept of Chemistry
University of Bath
United Kingdom

Recognition Award

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The University of Bath gives every person the opportunity to have a profile page. The default page offers a basic overview of the person's role and contact information within the university.

But if you wish, it can be modified to anything you wish.

So welcome to my profile page. It tells you a bit about me, both at work and home and will (hopefully) give an insight into who I am and what I like.

Me in a lab coat
Look mum - I'm wearing a lab coat. Am I a scientist now?


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