Recent advances in the calculus of variations in L

13 – 14 July 2022, University of Reading

This is an event of the network on Generalised and Low-Regularity Solutions of Nonlinear PDEs and funded by the EPSRC.

Organiser: Nikos Katzourakis

Venue: University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus, Edith Morley Building; Talks: Room 126; Lunches/coffee breaks: Room 125.

Variational problems involving the L-norm have attracted significant attention since the pioneering work of G. Aronsson in the 1960s. Typically they do not arise as fundamental physical laws, but appear instead in design and optimisation problems, especially when it is does not suffice to prescribe and minimise just the average of a quantity. Apart from being of fundamental analytical interest, they are very useful, and sometimes pivotal, for applications. In this event we bring together experts in the field, early career researchers and research students to discuss the latest developments in the area.

Workshop poster

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