Northwestern Europe Regional Contest
November 19-20 2016
Scoreboard site.

Further Developments

Robin Lee (Chief Judge) has kinly provided a composite comprising all of the first 3 files (testdata + solutions + slides) and, crucially, checker programs for problems that need them.

News from other sites

TU Munich.

Both St Catherine's College Oxford and the Computer Science Department have celebrated St Catherine's win.

Omogen Heap (KTH), Game of Nolife (Helsinki) and Catz CS Society (1) (Oxford) have ben promoted.


The official photographer took many photos. JHD's annotated version is here.

Lisa Abose took/coordinated many photos.

Bath's Matt Richards also took some photos.

Sunday 20 November: 18:33

The volunteers take a well-earned pizza break during the dismantling process. The corpses of balloons have to be removed from the battlefield.

Sunday 20 November: 16:14

Robin Lee, Chief Judge, explains one of the problems. Another explanation.

Sunday 20 November: 16:00

Professor James Davenport thanks the participants and volunteers.

Volunteer coordinators being thanked: Tom Dufall, Lisa Abose, Emma James, Jane Parker.

Sunday 20 November: 15:01:46

Tension mounts with eight minutes to go.

Sunday 20 November: 14:53:03

Hard at it with almost seventeen minutes to go. Leader has solved 10, second place 9.

Sunday 20 November: 13:16

Contestants with varying numbers of balloons, and the Balloon Farm.

Sunday 20 November: 11:20

Balloon delivery. One team already has six problems solved.

Sunday 20 November: 10:08:17

One minute 43 seconds before the start.

Saturday 19 November: 19:10

A red carpet reception for our wonderful contestants, their coaches, and, of course, the brilliant and indefatigable support staff. This was followed by a wonderful dinner hosted by J.P.Morgan.

Saturday 19 November: 17:38

The indomitable Rachid, our Deputy Director, has battled the university system, and the Sports Hall heating will be turned on tomorrow.

Saturday 19 November: 11:43

The contest practice was both enjoyable and useful, for the organisers and for the contestants. Photograph courtesy of Lisa Abose. It was followed by an excellent Tech Talk by JP Morgan's Dr Alexey Akhunov, and the question and answer session

Friday 18 November: 22:30

calm before the storm.

Friday 18 November: 18:30

It's hectic at the registration desk, but calmer where the machines are being prepared, and the systems admninistrator has time to take his own photos. The ICPC flag is displayed in the contest hall.

Friday 18 November: 15:00

The volunteers, from the University of Bath and from our sponsor JP Morgan, get a briefing from our wonderful volunteer coordinators.

Thursday 17 November

The allocations of teams to tables (knowing your table number will speed up registration, and reduce the risk of mistakes: the local team DOES know that there are two different UCLs competing!) is published.

The last times for food service on campus (these outlets accept Visa/MasterCard) on Friday are as follows:

Lime Tree 9.30pm

Parade Bar 9pm

Places JHD tends to eat out in the centre of Bath include Marmaris (until 23:00, takeaway until 03:00), Mai Thai and Eastern Eye (Indian, Thai and Turkish, but not in that order). In addition, there is a range of cheap(ish) restaurants near the train and bus stations.

Wednesday 16 November

The machine specifications have been published. The schedule has been updated with more bus information.

Do not forget

Wednesday 16 November

We are very sorry that, despite planning for 15% more teams than any previous NWERC, we have not been able to accept all teams, but we are up against the seating capacity of both the 1770 neoclassical Assembly Rooms and the 1970 neobrutalist Founders' Sports Hall.

An open contest is being run by Kattis (starting 1 hour later at 11:00 GMT) here for those who couldn't get in and want to try their wits.

Event sponsors