Gregory Sankaran

Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath

Picture of me, which you can't see for some reason

I am a Professor of Pure Mathematics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath. This page is here to give some basic information and to direct visitors, most of whom are me, to more useful pages:

Mathematicians' personal web pages are expected to have a picture of them in an interesting foreign city. This one is in St Petersburg.

Contact information

I work in the algebra, geometry and number theory group AGeNT of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath.

My email address is and I don't care who knows it. For Bath University official and internal matters, use instead.

Other ways to contact me, in order of decreasing usefulness:

Mathematical research

My mathematical interests are mainly in algebraic geometry.

It is impossible to have interests entirely in algebraic geometry, because algebraic geometry is too big. In my case, some of what I do could be described as number theory, and a few bits could be described as topology, algebra, complex analysis or even (this always surprises me) computer science.

My mathematics research page carries a list of my papers. It also tells you about my research students, past and present.


I teach one or two courses a year, depending on how big they are. They are usually algebra, number theory or geometry. Teaching is fun, but unfortunately it is associated with other things, such as exams, which are no fun for anybody. Exams are the worst way of finding out how a student has progressed, except for all those other ways that have been tried from time to time.

My teaching page carries a list of my teaching, with links to some possibly still useful web pages.

Other professional things

I do various other things that are difficult to classify but are related to my job.

University of Bath

In 2018 I was elected to the University of Bath Senate, which is the ultimate academic authority of the university. I lost my seat in the election in 2021, by the narrowest possible margin. I have still not made up my mind whether I am disappointed or relieved.

Seminars, conferences and meetings

I am a local Bath organiser of the COW seminar but I ceased to be the main organiser in 2018. I am still one of the owners of the mailing list, though, so if you want to join it you can do that by emailing me.

In 2020, Bath hosted LMS Prospects in Mathematics: online in the end, of course. I was one of the organisers.

In 2023, it is planned that Bath will host the British Mathematical Colloquium. I am one of the organisers.

Abram Gannibal Project

I am a co-I on the EPSRC-administered, GCRF-funded project EP/T001968/1 entitled Capacity building in Africa via technology-driven research in algebraic and arithmetic geometry. This is part of the wider Abram Gannibal Project, which aims to assist the development of high-level mathematics in Africa. The actual development must, of course, be done by Africans.

Advisory bodies

I am on a few advisory committees:


The Bath University Venturers Cricket Club is a University team open to all staff and graduate students of the University of Bath, and therefore belongs on this professional page. I play for it, and I organise the fixtures.


My personal page is strictly unofficial and explains a bit more about who I am and what I am interested in.