Optional Project Units

This is a web page for the optional undergraduate project unit MA30128 (third year BSc, Semester 2).

Please note that at present this unit is not available to MMath students. The old final-year optional project units for MMath students have also been discontinued, as they are superseded by the compulsory Year-Long Project unit MA40249. Special arrangements may apply to exchange and visiting students, for whom a project in Semester 1 only may be desirable, or in a very few individual special cases involving exceptional circumstances.

Final-year MMath students must now do a 12-credit project (MA40249) spread over both semesters (this does not apply to the MMath with placement until 2018-19). That unit is separately administered and is not covered by this page. MSc projects are also not covered by this page.

It can be beneficial to do a project. As well as being able to explore a narrow mathematical or statistical topic in depth, you gain valuable transferable skills of report-writing, time management, presentation skills, etc. We cannot guarantee that projects in your chosen topic will actually be available, so forward planning is essential if you are to be successful in finding a project.

Your project will be supervised by a member of staff, who will give you an individual topic. You will produce a project report by the end of teaching (i.e. before the exam period), typically 30 pages long. Assessment is partly through presentation or oral examination in addition to the project report. THE PRESENTATION IS NOT OPTIONAL AND YOUR SUPERVISOR MAY NOT WAIVE IT EITHER. It carries 20% of the marks (this is also not something that can be changed).

If you are interested in doing a project, you should choose the appropriate unit as one of your options and approach suitable lecturers to see if they can supervise you. If you do not know whom to ask or need help choosing a topic, contact the Projects Co-ordinator, Professor G.K. Sankaran. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to find supervisors for everyone wanting to do a project. If this cannot be done, you will have to choose another unit. In practice this almost never happens.

It is the student's responsibility to find a project supervisor, but we will help you.

Timeline for projects:

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