My philosophy for teaching is simple. Be aware of (and enjoy) you audience and be hugely enthusiastic about your subject. Anyone that says that teaching and research don't go together is talking rubbish

I am proud that in recognition of my university teaching I have been awarded a National Teaching Fellowship

Current courses

MA10236: Mathematical Methods 1B
This course teaches basic vector calculus in 3D and then applies it to problems in mechanics. It concludes with an introduction to mathematical modelling.

MA30241: Communicating Maths
This course teaches students how to be good communicators of their subject. More information is given in Maths Communicators

If you are interested in running such a course, then the student guidebook is given above. A HE-STEM guide to communicating maths courses in general is given in Student involvement in STEM activities: A guide to good practice and an external HE-STEM evaluative study is given in Student involvement in STEM activities: Research Results

Previous courses

Many courses in applied and computational mathematics from first year undergraduate to MSc, including MA50174 Advanced Numerical Methods containing a MATLAB tutorial and a complete set of notes on Advanced Numerical Methods and how to use MATLAB to solve mathematical problems.