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Protein-protein interaction tools:

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bCIPA Library Screen: Screens a library of sequences against a single defined target. The tool will generate the predicted thermal melting temperatures (and core/electrostatic /helical propensity components) with the option to output sequences which have a greater affinity than a specified minimum.

bCIPA Interactome Screen: Screen all interactions between a selection of defined sequences. This includes an option to colour code interactome Tm values according to affinity (Refs: Crooks et al. J. Mol. Biol., 2016 and Crooks et al. Biochemistry., 2017).

bCIPA Set vs Set Screen: Screen the interactions between one set of sequences and another set of sequences, including colour coding Tm values according to affinity.

Find Pairs / Find Quadruples: Users input a library of sequences and screen the resulting interactome to identify two (i.e. four peptides), four (i.e eight peptides), or even higher numbers of pairs of leucine zippers that are specific within each others presence. Users can also input desired parameters for their specific pairs (maximum homodimer Tm, minimum desired Tm, maximum undesired Tm, minimum delta Tm) depending on their requirements. Options for Find Quadruples will appear once Find Pairs has identified sequences that meet the given requirements (Refs: Crooks et al. J. Mol. Biol., 2016 and Crooks et al. Biochemistry., 2017).


Library Design tools:

Generate Library Sequences : A tool to generate a list of all given sequences within a peptide library. Data can be entered at the peptide or DNA level. This tool additionally integrates with Isomasses such that once a library is generated it is possible to rank predicted best binders and their masses for a given leucine zipper target sequence (Refs: Crooks et al. J. Mol. Biol., 2016 and Crooks et al. Biochemistry., 2017).

Build Library: As above but in reverse. A tool to list degenerate sequence positions and their residue options given a list of hypothetical library members

Isomasses: Lists the mass of every member in a given peptide library


Other Biology Tools:

Concentration Calculator: Find the concentration and amount of protein in a sample from the A280 and the protein mass.

Library Cloning: To help with calculations involved in cloning libraries.

Mass Calculator: Find the mass of a protein from the amino acid sequence, and other associated calculations.




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