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I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a First Class MSci Mathematics degree in July 2021. During my time at Birmingham, I developed a keen interest in mathematical biology and in particular, topics with interdisciplinary or real-world applications. My main research focus during my undergraduate studies was modelling and investigating the collective motion of birds, but I have also spent time exploring the field of human opinion dynamics.

Currently, I am undertaking my MRes year of an Integrated PhD in Statistical Applied Mathematics as a member of SAMBa Cohort 8 at the University of Bath. During this part of the course, I hope to explore more topics in the field of mathematical biology before formulating my thesis next year.


During my undergraduate degree, I had the opportunity to complete two research internships. The first of which, funded by EPSRC, was an in depth study of the Cucker-Smale and Cucker-Dong models of collective animal motion. I subsequently completed both my third year and Master's projects on the topic, both of which were supervised by Dr. Galane J. Luo. In the latter, I devised a new, agent-based model of collective motion, specifically designed to recreate the murmuration phenomena commonly observed in large flocks of starlings. The model was simulated numerically for a wide range of parameter values and the rich behaviours resulting from these simulations were investigated in detail.

I was also part of a British Academy funded project which set out to develop a novel, agent-based model of human opinion dynamics. Agents in the model update their opinions based on interactions with others, providing the pair exceeds a certain "affinity threshold". The concept of memory was also introduced, creating a non-Markovian process of opinion updating. The model successfully recreates many socio-psychological phenomena, and a paper detailing our findings is currently under review with the Journal of Mathematical Sociology.

For one of the units in my MRes year, I will be part of a group research project working on optimising portfolio design for clinical drug trials. The project is in collaboration with Roche, and will be supervised by Dr. Alex Cox, Professor Christopher Jennison and Dr. Thomas Burnett.


Currently Under Review:
Stokes, Beth M.; Jackson, Samuel E.; Garnett, Philip; Luo, Jingxi, "Extremism and segregation emerge naturally through collective opinion dynamics in a novel agent-based model", Journal of Mathematical Sociology.


Over the course of my MRes year I will be taking the following units:

Both Semesters:
MA50264: Inter-disciplinary Research Project
MA50246: Student-Led Symposia and Integrative Think Tanks

Semester 1 only:
MA40171: Numerical Solutions of Evolutionary Equations
MA40198: Applied Statistical Inference
MA50183: Specialist Reading Course (with Dr. Kit Yates)

Semester 2 only:
MA50170: Numerical Solutions of Elliptic PDE's
MA50263: Mathematics of Machine Learning
MA50215: Specialist Reading Course (TBC)

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Miss Beth M. Stokes (she/her)

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Integrated PhD Statistical Applied Mathematics

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Beth Stokes


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Miss Beth M. Stokes
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