Who are we? And what's with the name?

We are the University of Bath juggling and circus skills society. Our members' skills span all types of juggling and object manipulation from contact juggling to fire poi to unicycle.

We are completely non-exclusive, non-elitist and above all very friendly people! We don't care whether you can juggle 7 balls or can't even hold a ball without dropping it, so why not join us and try something new and exciting today?

Oh, and the name? Gravity pulls down, so we throw up.

Bath UpChuck 2012

The Bath UpChuck is a one day convention being held on Saturday 25th February 2012. The event will consist of workshops and games during the day and a show in the evening. Click here to find out more.


Wednesdays - Fire / Glow Session

University Ampitheatre: 7-9pm

Fridays - Normal Session

Arts Barn: 2-4pm