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Can you see with your ears? 

"How well do you see what you hear?" Our new paper in Frontiers in Psychology (with Alastair Haigh, Dave Brown, and The vOICe inventor Peter Meijer) is now published, and receiving media attention with interviews on BBC Radio Bristol (pre-recorded piece at ~22.10 to 23.55, live interview starts at ~2:09.00) and BBC Radio 5 Live (starts at ~24.50), and in print.

BBC One segment on our research for The One Show
15 May 2013

Peter White trying The vOICe
Peter White trying The vOICe

Peter White, MBE, is a BBC presenter who has been blind since birth. He spent a day with Michael Proulx and Dave Brown to talk about sensory substitution devices for the visually impaired, and what such research is revealing about the neural and psychological basis for perception. He also spent a few hours learning to use The vOICe. The segment aired on The One Show, and Peter White also appeared live on the show to discuss his experience! It is available for viewing on the BBC iPlayer (starting around 28:30).

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For more information on our research related to this segment, please see our following papers on the topics of sensory substitution and blindness:

Ear-witness precision: Superior memory in the congenitally blind

Our work on memory for words and visual experience was featured recently in the national and international press (the article is Pasqualotto, A., Lam, J., & Proulx, M. J. (2013). Congenital blindness improves semantic and episodic memory. Behavioural Brain Research). Here is a live interview from BBC News 24, followed by links to radio interviews on BBC Radio 4, BBC Scotland, BBC World Service, and BBC Bristol.

» Go to the live clip from BBC News 24

BBC Radio 4 starts at 54.00

BBC World Service starts at 14.00

BBC Good Morning Scotland starts at 1:20.00

Also coverage in: The Australian, Daily Mail, French Tribune, Nature World News, Africanseer Portal and others

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