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Michael J. Proulx
Crossmodal Cognition Laboratory
Department of Psychology
University of Bath


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Lab Members:

PI: Michael J. Proulx, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Bath;     CV
     + Visiting Senior Lecturer in Electronic Engineering, Queen Mary University of London
Alexandra de Sousa, PhD, Research Fellow
Daniel Finnegan, BSc (Hons), EngD student co-supervised with Prof Eamonn O'Neill, CS, Bath
David J Brown, MRes, Research Officer, Postgraduate Student (PhD)
JieYu Lv, MPhil, co-supervised Postgraduate Student (PhD with Dr Magda Osman, QMUL)
Mu-Yun Wang, co-supervised Postgraduate Student (PhD in Biology with the Chittka Lab, QMUL)
Achille Pasqualotto, PhD, Assistant Professor, Sabanci University, Turkey
Navid Hajimirza, PhD, co-supervised  in EECS with the Multimedia and Vision Research Group, QMUL
Vivek Nityananda, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Newcastle

Research Interests:
My primary interest in psychology is cognition. My research has advanced from first examining cognition and attentional control within the visual system to now examine how multisensory processing contributes to perception and cognition. Working with blind individuals in particular helps to reveal the role of visual experience for cognition and how the "visual" parts of the brain process other information in the absence of visual input. Much of this work has used a 'sensory-substitution' device (called ‘The vOICe’) that provides visual information by translating visual input into sound. I therefore study multiple sensory modalities and utilize multiple methods to best understand the psychological and neural underpinnings of cognition in human and non-human animals. Other current projects include the rubber hand illusion, visual decision-making in zebrafish and bees, perceptual learning, spatial cognition, numerical representation, semantic memory, cognitive evolution, synaesthesia, neurostimulation, crossmodal collaboration, and sensory substitution.

I have an EPSRC funded project with colleagues in computer science at Queen Mary and Goldsmiths for the development of Design Patterns for Inclusive Collaboration.

I am also part of a new Arts Council funded collaboration with three artists and a lighting designer called Trans:Space to address the question: "How do we perceive our environment through sound and how can we interpret that for an audience?" The project was initiated by the artist Jane Pitt.


Michael Proulx BW

Contact Information:
Full Name:
Dr Michael J. Proulx
Department of Psychology
Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Bath
Visiting Senior Lecturer in Electronic Engineering, Multimedia and Vision Group, Queen Mary University of London
+44 1225 385963
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Dr Michael J. Proulx
Department of Psychology
University of Bath
United Kingdom