Matt Roberts

I am a Reader and Royal Society University Research Fellow, and Co-Director of Prob-L@B at the University of Bath. I am interested in branching processes, random graphs, noise sensitivity, the parabolic Anderson model, mixing times, Brownian motion, random walks, fragmentation and coalescent processes, percolation, and martingales.

My email address is mattiroberts {at}

PhD students:
Sam Johnston (graduated 2017), currently postdoc at Bath.
Alice Callegaro (graduated 2021), currently postdoc at TU Munich.
Martin Prigent (graduated 2021), working in finance.
Umberto De Ambroggio (graduating 2022), currently postdoc at Bath.
Zsófia Talyigás.

Eleanor Archer (Jul-Oct 2020), LMS Early Career Fellow. Currently postdoc in Tel Aviv.
Umberto De Ambroggio (Mar-Sep 2022), EPSRC Prize postdoc.
Apolline Louvet (Sep 2022 - Nov 2023), Royal Society postdoc.